Implementation of Salesforce Einstein Analytics with Salesforce Service Cloud

About The Company:

Our client is a prominent law firm specializing that provides legal services by onboarding lawyers and clients/customers under their platform.

Customer Challenges:

The client faced several challenges hindering their case management and customer service operations.

  • Managing Knowledge Articles: With a substantial number of cases and knowledge articles, the firm struggled to match the right knowledge article with each case efficiently. The process of identifying and applying relevant knowledge articles was time-consuming and complex.
  • Chat-based Customer Service: Responding to customer inquiries via chat proved cumbersome, as the support team needed to research and compose responses manually. This led to delays and potential customer dissatisfaction.
  • Multi-platform Inquiry Resolution: Dealing with customer inquiries from various platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and SMS was a complex and time-consuming endeavour. The lack of automation led to delays in response times and increased operational costs.


We assessed their system thoroughly and suggested implementing Einstein Analytics with their Salesforce Service Cloud.

The following steps were taken in the implementation process :

Integration of Einstein Analytics: We accessed the Einstein studio dashboard to integrate Einstein Analytics with their Salesforce Service Cloud. Subsequently, we clicked on 'app launcher,' triggering a pop-up. Within the pop-up, we selected 'analytics studio,' resulting in the opening of a new tab. Then, we navigated to 'data manager' from the left. Clicking on it opened yet another new tab. We selected the 'connect' option from the left menu within this tab. We granted the necessary permissions and successfully integrated Salesforce Einstein Analytics with Salesforce Service  Cloud.

We used Einstein Article Recommendations and built an AI model using a simple, three-step wizard by their past/previous cases. The model learns which Knowledge articles have previously assisted agents in resolving cases to suggest articles to assist with new cases.


The implementation of Salesforce Einstein Analytics with Service Cloud yielded significant results for the client:

  • Efficient Knowledge Article Utilization: The integration of Einstein Analytics improved the accuracy of knowledge article recommendations, reducing the time and effort required to find relevant articles for case resolution.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: The chatbot implementation led to quicker and more accurate responses to customer inquiries, improving customer satisfaction and reducing support team workload.
  • Unified Multi-platform Engagement: Integration of communication channels led to consistent and timely customer interactions across platforms, minimizing response delays and improving overall customer experience.

Technology and Tools Used:

Salesforce Service Cloud, Einstein Analytics, Chatbot, APIs.


The successful implementation of Salesforce Einstein Analytics and customization of Service Cloud enabled our client, a law firm, to overcome their initial. The streamlined processes, automated solutions, and data-driven insights improved operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and more informed decision-making. Clients trust CloudCache Consulting and our rich Salesforce professional resources. See our clients' reviews on Fiverr.

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