Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud is a CRM dashboard designated for customer service and support work. According to Salesforce, Service Cloud is the best customer service management platform in the world.

With the help of the Service Cloud, customer service representatives can automate service procedures, modernize workflows, and provide proficient customer service. It facilitates pulling off the eventual goal of businesses: developing personalized relationships with each customer across various channels and devices.

Service Cloud can assist customers in communicating through various devices and social platforms. It can efficiently listen and respond to them. It can route cases automatically to the most appropriate agents. Salesforce service cloud provides a unified Platform to customer support teams, enabling them to track and manage cases efficiently.

How Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation will help your Company

Its ready-to-use modules, referred to as "Service for Apps," facilitate customer support software to embed applications, resulting in the diversification of services offered. On-screen guided assistance, screen sharing, and live agent video chat are all possible components of in-app mobile support.

Service Cloud will leverage you with the following efficiencies in business.

  •  Enhanced efficiency and cost-cutting.
  • Automated services and processes.
  • Automated processes leverage teams more freedom to work efficiently.
  • AI is used to provide a Superior customer experience.
  • Integrate your data to create more human-like experiences that encourage loyalty.
  • Service Cloud Genie to communicate in real-time across channels.
  • Engaging with customers is easier.

Benefits Of Service Cloud:

Case Management:

Service cloud implementation will offer you streamlining the case management pipeline resulting in a better customer service experience. service cloud offers better case management functionality and a simpler pipeline to track and understand customers.

Automatically Assign The Right Agent:

With Einstein's AI-powered routing recommendations, it ensures that no cases go attended due to loopholes or by error. It Intelligently distributes cases to the most suitable agents and streamlines your service processes.

Easy Pipeline : 

Every customer’s query appears in a sequential timeline called a pipeline. Everything about a case like voicemail, email, knowledge article, or anything appears in this flexible pipeline. The availability of pipelines makes case management faster.

On-time alerts and Prebuilt email templates:

It alerts about customer activity updates and recommends actions to take. It's Easily customizable to send email responses with pre-written templates making emailing work only a matter of just a few clicks.

Automation & Cost effective : 

Its AI-powered workflows and automation assist in Scaling your service and leaping productivity. This cloud service platform can assist your company in streamlining business processes and saving money.

360-degree view:

Cases and leads automatically get assigned to targeted agents followed by the availability and skill set of agents. So Supervisors need a dashboard where they can have an exhaustive view of agent and routing activities. service cloud provides this functionality.

Features of Salesforce Service Cloud:

Salesforce Service Cloud offers a suite of features designed to revolutionize your customer support experience. Some are:

Omni-Channel Support: Service Cloud empowers you to engage with customers across various communication channels seamlessly. Service Cloud covers everything from traditional phone and email to live agent chats, video chats, and interactions on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Cases from different channels are intelligently routed to the right agents based on pre-set conditions, ensuring efficient resolution.

Case Management Excellence: Service Cloud's robust case management feature handles every aspect of the support process from inception to closure. You can effortlessly create, prioritize, assign, escalate, and reassign cases. Customizable parameters for each stage enable automated task execution, leveraging the relevant information to initiate the appropriate actions.

Service Console: Empowering agents with comprehensive insights, the Service Console displays cases' historical and current state. Access to customer and account information aids agents in efficiently navigating through case data, streamlining their problem-solving process.

Knowledge Base: Service Cloud facilitates the creation of a comprehensive knowledge base, a valuable resource for agents. This repository equips agents with ready answers and expedites case resolution. Assessing the usefulness of knowledge articles continually enhances the knowledge base's effectiveness.

Process and Routine Automation: Simplify complex processes with Service Cloud's automation features. Workflows, macros, email templates, and approvals streamline various tasks, saving valuable time for agents and managers. From handling customer incentives to resolving multiple cases simultaneously, these automated workflows improve overall efficiency.

Einstein Bots: Powered by Salesforce Einstein, chat interactions can be automated to address common customer inquiries. This frees up agent time, allowing them to focus on more complex issues. If the bot encounters a query it cannot resolve, it smoothly transfers the customer to a competent agent, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

App Builder: Customization is made easy with Service Cloud's App Builder. Should you require additional functionalities beyond the existing features, you can create your own Salesforce customer service apps tailored to your needs.

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Data Management:

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Benefits for customer


35% increase in Customer Satisfaction.

Benefits for Companies.

22% decrease in Support Cost.

26% increase in Customer Retention.

28% increase in Agent Productivity.

Service Cloud Features And Benefits


Deliver smarter service by automatically matching cases to the agent with the best skill set to solve them.

Increase agent productivity with the next-generation of agent experience. Put all the information agents need at their finger tips for a 360-degree view of customers.

Resolve cases faster with easy visibility into the full context of all cases and a record of every customer interaction — all on a streamlined dashboard.

Customize and automate any customer service or approval process with drag-and-drop simplicity using Workflow.

Integrate with the most popular CTI systems. Log notes instantly when customers call. Plus, manage calls from within the console without touching the phone.

Monitor and respond faster to customer posts on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Free up your support agents by automating common, repetitive, multi-step tasks to resolve customer issues more efficiently.

Track customers’ assets, orders, support history, and more, in one place for a complete view of their activity.

Make informed decisions with real-time reports. Track cases and customer information for a 360-degree view of the customer. Free up your support agents by automating common, repetitive, multi-step tasks to resolve customer issues more efficiently. Multi-channel support: You can communicate with the customers on their preferred channels like emails, chats, phone calls, etc.

Service Cloud, on the other hand, includes everything that Sales Cloud does, but adds the additional:


Service Cloud Console

Service Entitlements

Service Level Agreements

Visual SLA Timelines

Add-On: Live Agent

Omnichannel Routing

CTI Integration


Add-On: Live Messaging

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