This is the Web site of Company. The company has created this privacy policy statement to demonstrate our business commitment to the privacy of customers,users, services, and products.

Cloudcache Consulting takes the privacy of its users very seriously and is committed toprote cting their personal information and individual privacy. Although
generally, a user is under no obligation to provide personal information while accessing the Cloudcache Consulting site but there are some circumstances under which the user may be asked to provide the information.

To whom does this policy apply?
All individuals who use our website, subscribe to any of our services or products,request information, or use our chat support is subject to this privacy policy statement.

How do we collect data?
When you register to use our website This will incorporate your name, email address and telephone number. When you use the chat support and fill out online forms, we may ask you for additional information about your business and preferences.

When you first visit our website, small files called cookies are stored on your device. It is useful for tracking you across the internet and analyzing web traffic. Unless you explicitly opt out, we collect this data based on "Implied consent", which means that we assume that you accept our terms of use of the information. You can accomplish this by browsing in private mode and modifying your browser's settings to refuse cookies.

Google Analytics:
To measure and report statistics about your interactions with the internet, it gathers information about your IP address, device/browser, and activities on the website. It is used to track data related to digital marketing and improve the user experience.

1. Purpose
CloudCache Consulting uses your data with care to give you the best service and experience possible. We are dedicated to protecting your personal information. We will treat any information you provide with care and confidentiality. To fully comprehend, and carefully read our privacy policy. Our privacy policy must be adhered to by all users of the Website. This section will reflect any policy changes. We encourage you to keep up with our privacy policy. Any information provided by any user who interacts with our website will be used by this privacy statement.

2. Product and Services- Cloudcache Consulting reserves the right to distribute site and service announcements to users. This information is required for transaction authorization as well as the fulfilment of the purchase. Cloudcache Consulting communicates with clients via email or phone to provide requested services and resolve their account issues. 

3. No promotional emails and updates notification policy- Cloudcache Consulting does not take part in any promotional emails and update notification activities. We never send such emails to customers or visitors to our website unless they contact us via email, or another means to request assistance or information or have ordered our products or services. 

4.Use of log files- Cloudcache Consulting collects user domain information to analyze the use of this site. We can learn more about the people who visit our website thanks to this data. Cloudcache Consulting uses the information to improve web-based offerings. Without user intervention, this data is automatically gathered. By accessing our site, the user permits Cloudcache Consulting to collect their domain names.

5. Registration for software downloads- To get access to our services and download software provided on the Cloudcache Consulting site, a user must fill secure online form including her name, address, email address, phone number, etc. The information is required to contact the user about the products in which they show interest.

6.Information Security- Cloudcache Consulting takes reasonable precautions to protect a user’s information. The user's data is safe both online and offline. All user information is restricted to the Cloudcache Consulting offices. Personal access to the user is only granted to employees who require the information to carry out a task. If you have any questions about this privacy statement or dealing with this website CloudCache Consulting can be contacted through the contact page on the site

On or through the CloudCache Consulting website, we will not ask you to reveal any sensitive Personal Information, such as information about your racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religion or other beliefs, health, or criminal history.