In today's business world, staying ahead of the competition is crucial for being successful. With technology constantly evolving, companies seek innovative ways to optimize their operations, streamline workflows, and enhance customer experiences. One of the most popular and effective tools for achieving these goals is Salesforce's Lightning Services.

What is Salesforce Lightning?

Salesforce Lightning is the future of the CRM platform, offering new cloud-based features that optimize and streamline data and provide tools to maximize sales and service operations.

Lightning Services is a powerful set of tools that allow businesses to develop custom applications and streamline processes on the Salesforce platform. With its modern interface, Lightning UI overhauls everything from modules to processes, providing a more intuitive experience and easier interpretation of data. It optimizes business processes by bringing accurate and detailed data, providing better insights on service operations, and assisting in exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

Interactive tabs make it easier to manage tasks with a drop-down feature that presents details on the same page. The activity timeline provides a comprehensive overview of past and future workflows, making interpretation easier. Salesforce Assistant presents insights and helpful tips based on records to progress deals.

Benefits of salesforce lightning to businesses

Salesforce Lightning offers key features that are vital for business growth. Such as

Better User Experience:

The enhanced interface provides an agile and convenient user experience, leading to better user engagement.

Higher Security:

The platform offers higher data security with features like LockerService, which helps safeguard the platform against malicious data.

Progressive Platform:

The Salesforce Lightning platform keeps evolving to support custom metadata objects and can integrate with any application from the AppExchange.

Measure Business Performance, with Ease:

The platform allows businesses to easily streamline tasks, monitor performance and set organizational goals.

Work Faster with Lightning:

With real-time data access, users can work faster, stay up-to-date on tasks, and complete more activities within expected timeframes.

Our Services:

We provide a complete array of Salesforce Lightning services to assist businesses in streamlining their workflows and leap-bound productivity. Our services include:

Lightning App Development:

Our Salesforce developers can develop custom Lightning apps that ascertain your business needs and streamline your operations.

Lightning Consulting:

Our Salesforce Lightning Consultants can help you construct and implement a Lightning roadmap, optimizing components and UI to transform the user experience.

Cross-Platform Customization:

We provide cross-platform customization services to assure a uniform and clean look and feel across multiple platforms and devices.

Lightning Community Portals :

Our Salesforce Lightning Solution Experts can develop fully customized portals for customers,  or employees, resulting in improved engagement and optimized collaboration.

Reusable Components:

We build reusable components so called reps to increase efficiency and simplify the app development process.

Lightning Process Automation:

Our experts can help automate your business processes using Lightning Flow, reducing manual efforts and increasing productivity.

Lightning Connect:

We help businesses integrate with external data sources using Lightning Connect, enhancing data analysis and insights.

Why choose CloudCache Consulting?

As a leading Salesforce Lightning service provider, CloudCache Consulting specializes in streamlining the transition to the Lightning experience. Our team modernizes existing Salesforce applications with Lightning services, enhancing business processes and enabling more efficient data analysis.

Our experienced team of Salesforce Lightning experts provides guidance in creating a Lightning road map and optimizing Lightning components and UI to transform user experiences. With a deep understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem, we offer hassle-free, cost-effective lightning migration services. Leveraging our proven process, pre-built framework, and Lightning components, we accelerate time-to-market for our clients, ensuring successful Lightning migrations. 

As an official Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner, we always strive to get the best out of Salesforce CRM to help our clients.Get in touch with us today.

Our Salesforce Lightening Services


We consider the importance of packaging throughout our development process and build Lightning-ready apps – both unmanaged and managed packaged apps. Hire top Salesforce Lightning Consultant and Salesforce Lightning expert now.Cloudcache’s Salesforce Lightning Developers specializes in developing Lightning-ready, tailor fitted Salesforce apps, both managed and unmanaged packaged apps.Our Salesforce Lightning Development team are AppExchange experts, our specialty includes Lightning App for smaller organisations such as start-ups and large enterprises deploying Lightning ready apps.

Our Salesforce Lightning Consultant will help you design and plan your Lightning strategy with the optimal use of Lightning components for your business with higher investment returns.

We assist you in developing a cohesive user experience across multiple devices by customizing your and platforms and making them Lightning-ready.The Lightning components automatically adapt to any of your existing devices. The Lightning service offers a consistent experience across all the tools.

"With the new features and additional functionality, it is never a better time to upgrade to Salesforce Lightning Communities! The Salesforce Classic to Lightning brought along with it a massive UX upgrade and improved the overall user experience. The upgrade can have benefits as it brings in a mobile first approach, an overall reduction in clicks, additional drag-and-drop components resulting in an overall accelerated design, development and deployment.We build custom solutions using Salesforce Community Cloud Platform to help you connect with thousands of users and provide customer service proactively, and accelerate the sales"

Cloudcache’s Salesforce Lightning Development team are well equipped to design and develop custom re-usable Lightning Components for all the fast-paced future Salesforce Developments.We develop single page responsive applications (SPAs) for desktops or mobiles with re-usable Lightning Component framework aligned with your future business growth plans.

"Cloudcache’s Salesforce Lightning Consultants can assist with all your automation needs. Cloudcachw will analyse your business processes and develop a plan to automate including the configuration of the Salesforce Lightning Process Builder which will provide your organization with all the Lightning benefits!!"

We customize the complete existing and solution, transforming it to make it mobile and Lightning-ready for a responsive UX across devices

We help to reduce the integration and synchronization times by providing access to data sources with the help of real-time requests for the configuration of a user’s visit on a related list or detailed page of an external object.

Features Of Our Salesforce Lightning Services

Many organizations are still content with the Classic version of Salesforce, wondering why they should consider migrating to Salesforce Lightning. However, the following seven business benefits shed light on the necessity of making the transition:

Sales Automation: Salesforce Lightning offers updated features like "Sales Path" that automate the sales process. This feature designs your sales pipeline and provides next-step recommendations, allowing you to react quickly and efficiently to convert leads into sales. The Salesforce Lightning Dialer also enables sales reps to call prospects directly from the platform, saving time and improving lead conversion.

Fast App Development: Salesforce Lightning's component-based platform simplifies application development. You can integrate pre-built components from Salesforce partners through drag-and-drop, streamlining the app creation process. You can design a high-quality application tailored to your business needs with a wide array of built-in components.

Einstein AI Integration: Salesforce Lightning introduces advanced AI features such as "Einstein Opportunity Insights," "Einstein Forecasting," and "Einstein Accounts Insights." These features enhance lead generation, analytics, and customer profiling, enabling personalized services based on customer behaviours. Einstein also offers recommendations through the Chatter Component, making it easier to access frequently used pages.

Third-Party Integrations: Salesforce Lightning boasts a plethora of components available on the Salesforce AppExchange platform. If you can't find what you need there, the platform allows seamless integration of custom components from third-party sources. This flexibility ensures you can meet your specific business requirements effortlessly.

High-Quality Leads: With time saved from app development and sales automation, you can focus on leveraging Einstein AI to track and understand potential leads. By analyzing their choices, behaviours, and interactions, Einstein filters and identifies high-quality leads with a higher likelihood of conversion. Combining Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning with Einstein technology can boost brand awareness and facilitate purchases from your brand.

Information Privacy: Salesforce prioritizes information privacy, ensuring individual components in the Lightning framework cannot interact with each other. This eliminates the risk of malicious activities, providing a secure interface for your business. The Locker Service feature contributes significantly to maintaining privacy.

Uplifted User Experience: Salesforce Lightning offers a more enhanced and smoother user interface than Classic. Subtle but impactful changes include improved text patterns, fonts, graphics, and icons. The updated dashboard provides checklists for customers, employees, and partners, enhancing their overall experience.

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