5 Important Salesforce winter 23 Release Updates

The much-awaited Salesforce release ‘ The Salesforce Winter Release 23 ‘ is finally out and it leverages tons of new features and improvements to the Salesforce CRM platform.

So let's walk through these new features and functionalities included after winter release 23.

The Winter 23 release brings several new features to the Salesforce CRM. some high talking updates include 

  • dynamic forms enhancements
  • dedicated communication broadcasting channel
  • TikTok for commerce integration 
  • Einstein Search 
  • Lightning Email etc.

With These new improvements and features businesses can go innovative, try new things that allow businesses to attain growth, streamline business procedures, expand their footprints, and have good customer relationships. now businesses can have increased efficiencies and lowered costs.

Salesforce winter release 23 highlights

In service cloud

Major highlights in service cloud enhancements are:

  • communication broadcasting channel, With this communication channel businesses can actively alert internal stakeholders and customers about events by routinely broadcasting status updates via various digital channels like email and self-service websites.
  • In the salesforce service cloud voice , Improvements were made with amazon connect and this now includes outbound campaigns functionality also. Its Predictive outbound dialling will enable businesses to reach their millions of clients regularly.
  • preventive maintenance now has enhanced functionality and now it can automatically determine and adjust the next floating order or fixed cycle maintenance.

Sales Cloud

In the winter 23 release, the sales cloud got leveraged with forecasting improvements, subscription quotes, and sales cadence screen flows.

  • Now screen flow technology made it possible to create new steps, where the sales cadence creators can also include advanced flows that would need to be enabled by an admin.
  • Additionally, businesses can now use subscription quotes to seal B2B subscription products-based deals and also for price and quotes as well.

Marketing Cloud

New features included in The Marketing Cloud are an e-commerce marketing insights and an improved setup for loyalty promotions and loyalty journeys. The e-commerce marketing insights allow businesses to connect their marketing data and e-commerce automatically, generating unique insights that can drive commerce outcomes. With this feature, marketers can also see the impact of their campaigns on e-commerce revenue.

This allows them to analyze e-commerce performance from any platform, connect it to marketing tactics, and make adjustments to optimize product revenue, increase related product sales, and improve customer loyalty and experience.

Health cloud

Recent improvements to the health cloud have made it possible for life sciences and healthcare professionals to digitally deliver, diagnose, triage, and research patients. The platform for advanced therapy management now includes easy scheduling options for administering complex gene therapies and CAR T-cell treatments. Additional improvements have been made to medication management and healthcare APIs.

The healthcare APIs of Salesforce has been streamlined, allowing for standard integrations for common use cases within the health cloud. Additionally, integrating medication management with therapy improves patient outcomes and reduces healthcare costs by preventing medication-related adverse events.


Now Slack offers various new features, including the capabilities of generating tearsheets for the finance cloud and displaying new roles within an organization under enhanced permissions. With recent developments, Slack also allows for the analysis of text feedback to identify key sentiments and trends. Appointment management has been made easier as they can be viewed from any location to gauge customer satisfaction.

Additionally, shift workers can manage their calendars through Slack to ensure all operations run smoothly. Slack also offers new permissions and management roles for channels to facilitate large-scale operations management.

How to take advantage of these feathers and updates

Once this release is out, Most of these features will be available in all salesforce users' dashboards; however, some of these features will need admin authorization before other users can access these new functionalities. Additionally, documentation is also updated with some changes about supporting browsers. These changes were with the perspective of easy user experience and organizational growth.

Final words

The Salesforce Winter '23 release is packed with new features and enhancements. you can streamline your business operations and improve customer engagement with CloudCache Consulting and with our professional resources . we are excited to share our expertise on the latest updates to integration, including enhancements in the marketing and health clouds, and help our clients take advantage of them. The new capabilities in the Winter '23 release can help businesses achieve better results, and we look forward to working with them to achieve them. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get the most out of the Salesforce Winter '23 release.

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