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An ultimate guide on Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Understanding this data and obtaining swift answers to crucial business inquiries is always challenging. Numerous business leaders invest significant time either updating spreadsheets or awaiting responses from IT. While analytics tools have existed for decades, they have primarily targeted analysts rather than the average business user. Furthermore, these tools often need more integration with CRM systems to accommodate the current trend of a highly mobile workforce.

Consequently, many companies seek proficient analytical tools to enhance their market leadership. The solution is in contemporary tools such as Tableau CRM (formerly Salesforce Einstein Analytics). 

What is Einstein Analytics?

Salesforce Einstein Analytics is a cloud-based analytical solution enabling users to comprehensively understand, consolidate, and present data from various sources, including Salesforce itself, ERPs, data warehouses, and log files. The primary objective of Einstein Analytics is to address the complexity of amalgamating this array of information, facilitating the analysis of extensive datasets and the derivation of impactful insights. This tool employs advanced techniques, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive modelling, operating seamlessly beneath its surface.

Einstein Analytics’ major components for Salesforce users:

  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Discovery
  • Prediction Builder
  • Voice
  • Chatbot
  • Vision

Einstein Analytics pricing

The pricing structure for Einstein Analytics varies based on the specific components essential for your organization's needs. Salesforce provides a complimentary 30-day trial for both Einstein Analytics and Einstein Analytics Plus, following which users can opt for a subscription plan with the flexibility of monthly or multiyear payments. Pricing begins at $75 per user per month for Einstein Predictions and ranges up to $150 per user per month for Einstein Analytics Plus.

Einstein Analytics benefits

Upon procuring the initial three components of Einstein Analytics, your organization will experience the following advantages:

Real-time insights into critical business metrics, enabling informed data-driven decisions for Sales & Marketing strategies.

Identification of pivotal factors influencing customer behaviour, interaction channels, and sales patterns.

Anticipate and implement appropriate actions to enhance customer value and drive incremental revenue.

Equipped with pre-designed dashboards tailored for Sales Cloud data, sales executives, managers, and representatives can delve deep into data exploration. This empowers them to dissect and analyze information down to individual records. Consequently, every sales team member gains access to the necessary insights, facilitating quicker and more intelligent decision-making.

How does Einstein Analytics work?

Einstein Analytics is a Salesforce platform dedicated to data exploration and predictive analytics. It facilitates immediate responses to critical business inquiries, enhancing user’s understanding of their customer base.

The components encompassed within Einstein Analytics are as follows:

Datasets: These store information from both Salesforce and external sources.

Lenses: These establish the logic governing data storage.

Dashboard Templates: Comprising datasets and visually representing analytical data.

Stories: Offering statistical analysis of datasets, delivering insights into trends and future projections.

How to know that you’re ready for Salesforce Einstein Analytics

A fundamental aspect of Einstein Analytics' dependability revolves around data. With undertaking data correction, transformation, and enrichment, Einstein's potential to enhance business processes is unlimited.

This issue frequently originates from the data extracted from source systems and is subsequently carried into the Einstein platform. Analogous to the water source for your home, data requires treatment before utility. As municipalities purify water before distribution, the focus should be on rectifying problems at the data source. Address data accuracy and reliability concerns at the source, like tracing water quality issues upstream.Real-time data capture from communication channels can be automated through tools such as Salesforce and Email & Calendar integration, significantly bolstering data quality.

Leveraging these tools empowers organizations to optimize Salesforce Einstein Analytics and effectively address prevalent data quality challenges:

  • Inaccurate Data Capture: Salesforce users commonly face this issue when not all contacts are automatically integrated into Salesforce. Resolution involves implementing a tool that automatically captures data from emails, calls, and meetings and creating new Salesforce custom objects (Leads, Accounts, Opportunities).
  •  Incorrect Data Synchronization: Often, automated synchronization between email clients and Salesforce news to be improved, necessitating manual entry of customer meeting information by sales representatives. Furthermore, meetings scheduled via Outlook or Gmail may not reflect in Salesforce. The solution will ensure that a seamless two-way sync is established between Salesforce and Outlook / Gmail, and that all business-related events are automatically saved to Salesforce.
  • Data Conflicts and Duplicates: Given the diverse origins of incoming data, data-specific custom rules are crucial to determining storage criteria. Failure to establish proper rules leads to duplicates and data conflicts. This challenge requires syncing emails, calendar events, and other data to custom objects within Salesforce, providing comprehensive data control.

The acquisition of up-to-date, accurate data is vital to the effective utilization of Einstein Analytics. Without current or trustworthy data can erode user trust in Einstein's outputs. Therefore, maximizing the potential of Einstein Analytics hinges on safeguarding the precision and dependability of Salesforce data.

Final words

Data integrity forms the backbone of Einstein Analytics' reliability. With meticulous data correction and enrichment, its impact on business processes is preserved. CloudCache Consulting, a pioneer in optimizing data-driven solutions, and providing salesforce consulting services, is always ready to assist its clients with its professional salesforce resources. We empower organizations to capture, sync, and govern data seamlessly. CloudCache ensures the accuracy pivotal for Einstein Analytics' efficacy by addressing inaccuracies, synchronization gaps, and conflicts. Ultimately, CloudCache Consulting stands as your trusted partner in unlocking the true potential of Einstein Analytics through an unwavering commitment to data accuracy and reliability. Read our client’s reviews in Upwork.

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