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An Ultimate Guide On Salesforce Events And Conferences In 2023

The long-awaited announcement has finally arrived: Salesforce has disclosed the dates for its major events, including the highly-anticipated flagship conference, Dreamforce, as well as the upcoming Connections event.

The successful execution of virtual events during the pandemic demonstrated that Salesforce, its partner ecosystem, and the community can adapt and innovate simultaneously. Despite in-person events being reinstated for some time now, it is undeniable that they are still ideal for learning, networking, and building connections within the ecosystem. Here's to a successful 2023.

Types of Salesforce Events 

Salesforce Events can be categorized into five types:

  • Dreamforce: the largest annual conference with 170,000+ attendees, held in San Francisco.
  • World Tour: one-day events held in major cities worldwide, with 10,000+ attendees.
  • Specialized Events: large-scale events catering to specific audiences such as TrailblazerDX for Salesforce Admins and Developers or Connections for Salesforce Marketers.
  • Basecamps: smaller-scale World Tour events held in smaller cities.
  • Community Events and Salesforce User Groups: community-organized events and user groups for knowledge sharing and networking are held globally.

 Upcoming Salesforce events in 2023:

If you need to automate record assignments, consider the upcoming Salesforce event season, culminating with Dreamforce in September 2023. Below is a list of the Salesforce-hosted and community-organized events and their dates.

May 2023:

In May 2023, the Salesforce community is set to host many exciting events for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Here's a roundup of the events scheduled for this month:

 Tableau Conference: From May 9 to May 11, 2023, the Tableau Conference will take place in Las Vegas, NV, US, providing budding data lovers with an opportunity to learn about Tableau, connect, have fun, and give back. The event will also be available for streaming on Salesforce+.
CenCal Dreamin': The 4th annual CenCal Dreamin' event will take place in Downtown Fresno, CA, US, on May 11, 2023, and promises even more incredible experiences for Salesforce users, admins, and executives looking to learn more.

World Tour Essentials (Asia): World Tour Essentials (Asia) is a one-day event on May 11, 2023, and is expected to be a jam-packed conference. This aims at giving attendees a significant nibble of Salesforce learning and understanding. This event is scheduled to be in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

World Tour Paris: The Salesforce World Tour is a must-attend event for the French (and international!) Salesforce community and will be at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles on May 16, 2023.

Texas Dreamin': Texas Dreamin' is a community-led conference celebrating anyone who uses Salesforce and will take place on May 18-19, 2023, in Texas, US.

India Dreamin': On May 20, 2023, India Dreamin' will take place in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, featuring an impressive panel, keynotes, live demos, and more.

Czech Dreamin': On May 26, 2023, Czech Dreamin' will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, providing a one-day, community-led event about Salesforce technology in English for the Czech community and everyone else.

June 2023:

  • Connections 2023: June 7-8, Chicago, US
  • Buckeye Dreamin’: June 7-9, Columbus, Ohio, US
  • London’s Calling: June 9, London, UK
  • Dreamin’ in Colour: June 14-16, Raleigh, US
  • YeurDreamin’: June 16, Brussels, Belgium
  • London World Tour: June 29, more details to come
  • Southeast Dreamin’: June 29-30, Atlanta, Georgia, US

July 2023:

  • Forcelandia: July 12-13, Portland, US
  • Tahoe Dreamin’: July 20-21, Lake Tahoe, US (Tickets coming soon)

August 2023:

  • Midwest Dreamin’: Aug 16-18 in Minneapolis, US
  •  WITness Success: Aug 18-19 in Minneapolis, US
  •  Life Sciences Dreamin’: Aug 24-25 in Fort Lauderdale, US
  •  Mile High Dreamin’: Aug 30-31 in Denver, US

September 2023:

  • Dreamforce: Sep 12-14 in San Francisco, US or online on Salesforce+

October 2023:

  • Northeast Dreamin’: Oct 5-6 in Manchester, US
  • North Africa Dreamin’: Oct 21 in Casablanca, Morocco
  • Florida Dreamin’: Oct 22-24 on Clearwater Beach, US
  • Rambleforce: Oct 29-Sep 1 in the Lake District, UK.

November 2023:

  • Higher Ed Dreamin’: Nov 8, 2023. Virtual event for the Higher Education sector focusing on Salesforce and tech.
  • World Tour Tokyo: Nov 28-29, 2023. Salesforce World Tour event in Tokyo, Japan.
  • French Touch Dreamin’: Nov 30, 2023. European Salesforce event in Paris, France.

December 2023:

  • World Tour New York: Details to be confirmed.

Final words:

Salesforce Events 2023 is suitable for staying up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the Salesforce ecosystem. From the most significant event, Dreamforce, to specialized events for developers, marketers, and more, there is something for everyone. Additionally, community events and user groups provide a platform for like-minded individuals to connect and share knowledge.

If you're interested in attending any of the events mentioned above or would like to explore more Salesforce events, check out the official Salesforce events calendar. Contact us if you have any queries, questions, or recommendations. We hope you find this guide helpful in planning your Salesforce event journey. 

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