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Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack At a Glance

Salesforce stands as a formidable customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Its ubiquitous presence across all sectors and industries stems from its supreme customizability.

Its prowess can be wielded by enterprises to closely monitor and track sales leads, clients, and marketing campaigns. On the other hand, nonprofit organizations can utilize this CRM solution to meticulously organize fundraising leads, do prospect research, and coordinate various elements of their fundraising campaigns. Salesforce offers a complimentary Package named ‘ Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) for this intent.

Salesforce describes the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), as the world's leading CRM-based nonprofit technology, created by its 47,000-member nonprofit community. This solution is an ideal fit for nonprofits seeking to optimize operations and streamline tasks, including donor, donation, and volunteer management. 

Technically Salesforce is offering this success pack for nonprofit organizations as free but in reality, this free service is only available for up to ten users. configuring NPSP properly and launching it will require a consultation or a Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack Implementation Services provider’s assistance, making it less than entirely free.

What is Salesforce NPSP?

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) serves as an initially cost-free solution designed to help nonprofit organizations get started.

NPSP uses a standardized data model, much like Salesforce itself, to facilitate data organization and expansion. This model is crafted to be easily understood by any end-user familiar with spreadsheets or databases.

Below we elaborated Salesforce terminologies, including objects, fields, records, etc., thus simplifying comprehension of the NPSP for you.


Objects within Salesforce are similar to spreadsheets utilized to track information. These objects are identified by the tabs at the top of the Salesforce screen, quantifying various aspects of the nonprofit. Salesforce supports standard objects, such as accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities, but one can create custom objects tailored to their specific priorities.


Every object within Salesforce has fields linked to it, providing detailed information on a particular object. For example, within the "accounts" object, you may have a field indicating the client's contact information, such as their cell phone number.


Records are similar to the cells within a spreadsheet, and they contain the input data, categorized by the correct object and field. For instance: the "accounts" object has a field for the donor's name, with the record displaying "Phil Smith" as the donor's name.

NPSP Features:

Since NPSP centres around nonprofit organizations, its functionalities cater to their specific needs. Let's explore its distinctive features:

 Donation management

Managing donations can be an arduous task as they come from donors with varying preferences. To manage them effectively, donation management tools can be leveraged. These tools enable nonprofits to allocate monetary donations to specific causes, artworks to auction campaigns, and more. They also provide a comprehensive view of recurring donations resulting from brand partnerships.

Donor management

Basically, Donors play an important role in any nonprofit organization. To keep track of the donors you need a good and healthy donor management system. The donor management system allows you to track valuable information, like the donor's age group, interest in various campaigns, preferred reasons, etc.

Additionally, This system provides donors with a hassle-free way to make donations, claim charitable items from auction campaigns, and more.
By analyzing donor information, nonprofits can develop and execute targeted campaigns, send out event invitations, and optimize turnout to raise more funds effectively. 

Volunteer management

For a large nonprofit organization, volunteers play a vital role in determining their success. Effective volunteer management features ensure a seamless onboarding process, enabling volunteers to select their preferred schedule and choose tasks that align with their skill set. This helps maintain smooth operation, which is crucial during campaigns and events. However, it is even more important to sustain this level of efficiency during the downtime between events. With well-implemented volunteer management tools, nonprofit organizations can keep their volunteers engaged and motivated, driving long-term success.

Engagement management

Running a nonprofit organization essentially involves building lasting relationships with donors, volunteers, program participants, associates, and others. To achieve this, monitoring, tracking, and managing their engagement with the nonprofit is critical.

Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack Implementation offers a suite of tools for engagement management, including :

  • setting up campaigns to monitor and manage members' engagement,
  • creating and tracking volunteer onboarding.
  • tracking donor engagement with the nonprofit.
  • tracking program participants' engagement, which is an essential aspect of their operations.
  • gaining insights into stakeholder or audience interactions

These all help nonprofits foster growth and optimize their outreach.

Campaign management

From the NPSP portal, one can construct and oversee comprehensive campaigns. Emails can be sent, social media campaigns can be executed and non-Salesforce campaigns can be run. All of this enables automatic sign-ups for new members in response to campaigns, requiring a solitary effort to initiate the onboarding process.


Data is only valuable when it is analyzed. To analyze, NPSP offers pre-built reports for various aspects. These reports allow you to monitor donations based on defined criteria, track the consistency of campaigns, and more. 

With a dashboard, you can easily review all of these reports on a daily basis, which is essential during an active campaign to quickly adjust your strategy. 

How to use the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack features

The Nonprofit Success Pack has integrated standard Salesforce objects that are specifically designed to systematize nonprofit data:

  • Accounts are employed to systematize records about supporters’ households, companies, and other funding sources.
  • Contacts maintain data about individual stakeholders like donors, volunteers, members, etc.
  • Opportunities maintain records of donations promised or delivered.
  • Campaigns are utilized to monitor the development of each solicitation and activity. You can associate them with certain opportunities.

After the Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack Implementation, your nonprofit organization can take advantage of these various features to structure the data you gather about each of your funding sources.

Benefits of the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack

If your organization has made a substantial investment in Salesforce, then the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is an indispensable starting point to configure your CRM solution.

The NPSP offers numerous benefits, such as:

  • The NPSP offers numerous benefits, such as:
  • It is available free of cost for nonprofits with up to 10 users.
  • The NPSP is customizable and can be configured according to your specific needs.
  • The NPSP facilitates the larger configuration process.
  • Since the NPSP is built by Salesforce, the data models can work together seamlessly.

Why Choose CloudCache Consulting for Salesforce NPSP Implementation?

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack provides a great starting point for organizations looking to initiate the configuration process after investing in the world’s leading CRM. However, to fully optimize your technological ecosystem, you will also need a Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack Implementation Service provider.

CloudCache Consulting can work along with you to fulfill the requirements of your nonprofit organization and deliver a seamless Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack Implementation to you. Get in touch with us today.

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