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Salesforce Two new Ai Tools updates: Slack GPT and Tableau GPT

Salesforce, a leading CRM company, has recently unveiled two new revolutionary AI assistant tools: Slack GPT and Tableau GPT.

Slack GPT:

Slack GPT aims to revolutionize work processes by offering a seamless conversational AI experience directly integrated into Slack. Apart from generating AI app integrations, Slack GPT can access customer 360 and Data Cloud insights, opening up new possibilities for language models. It will also collaborate with Einstein GPT to enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness by leveraging CRM and conversational data.

Slack plans to integrate AI into its user interface, enabling its customers to work smarter, learn faster, and communicate more effectively. Lidiane Jones, CEO of Slack, highlighted the potential of generative AI in redefining work and boosting business productivity. By utilizing AI to analyze and act upon internal knowledge, organizations can make smarter decisions faster, tapping into trusted customer data and essential employee expertise through conversational AI.

Slack's newly released platform allows customers to seamlessly integrate AI actions into workflows, making AI automation accessible to everyone. Furthermore, the forthcoming Einstein AI Chatbot will provide real-time insights from customer data within Slack, enriching teams' understanding of their customers through conversational interfaces.

Slack GPT offers intelligence through automation, shared knowledge, and conversational interactions, empowering users within the Slack ecosystem. Whether a company seeks to implement its preferred language model, develop customized AI-powered workflows, or integrate AI into Slack, this adaptable AI assistant caters to unique organizational needs. The industry eagerly awaits the transformative impact of Salesforce's Slack GPT as it paves the way for the future of work.

Tableau GPT:

Salesforce has revealed the generative AI assistance integration into Tableau, a prominent data visualization platform. The introduction of Tableau GPT will bring AI capabilities directly into the user experience, enabling smarter work, faster learning, and improved communication. This revelation occurred in the USA at the Salesforce Tableau Conference on May 9th, 2023.

Tableau GPT will power Tableau Pulse, an enhanced user experience offering automated analytics, personalized metrics, natural language processing, and visual insights. Built on Einstein GPT’s foundation, Tableau GPT will allow users to uncover new insights through conversational interactions and queries within the Tableau GPT console.

Tableau Pulse will provide users with a personalized, AI-powered approach to data analysis. Important metrics will be prominently displayed, and users can explore them, along with AI-generated insights, through natural language prompts or questions. The final version of this AI will be available publically later this year.

Furthermore, Salesforce will launch the VizQL Data Service for developers and introduce new features in the Data Cloud for Tableau. These advancements will enable the seamless integration of Tableau into automated workflows, unify customer data and facilitate zero-copy data sharing.

Integrating generative AI into Tableau aims to enhance data understanding, interaction, and security, empowering users to make better decisions efficiently. The future of Tableau Pulse holds great promise in advancing data-driven decision-making capabilities.

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