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Top 7 Salesforce Trends in 2023

As we are at the start of the year 2023, it is crucial to understand what Salesforce, the renowned CRM giant, has in store for us in the upcoming time. Salesforce CRM is known for its dynamic nature and regular updates that aid businesses in improving customer engagement. The year 2022 was particularly significant, as Salesforce introduced several updates, solutions, products, and mergers, all worth implementing for business growth.

In this post, we have compiled a list of the top Salesforce trends for 2023 that will assist business users in progressively implementing innovative marketing automation solutions for new-age customers. Before hiring Salesforce consulting services, it is essential to review these latest trends in the world of Salesforce.

Slack First Customer 360:

In 2020, CRM Salesforce acquired Slack, since then, this acquisition has been in the limelight always. This merger proved to be highly beneficial, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses have started using this tool to collaborate with other businesses in a more streamlined and functional manner.

Moreover, Slack has improved intra-business communication, making every operation of a business much more manageable and adaptable. Hence, Slack First Customer 360 will be a popular trend in 2023 and beyond.

Health Cloud 2.0:

Healthcare companies and organizations seeking digital transformation can easily opt for this solution. Health Cloud 2.0 will be in trend in 2023 for many reasons.

One of the most significant reasons is that it helps optimize healthcare workflows. It enables hospitals and healthcare providers to create custom patient treatment plans, offering effective healthcare services to patients. Additionally, Health Cloud 2.0 enables contact tracing, vaccination management, and health assessment tools. It becomes easier to manage dates related to vaccination, tests conducted, and more.

Data and System Integration:

In today's digital era, customers expect personalized and seamless experiences from businesses. With Salesforce's data and system integration, companies can deliver a data-driven customer experience that builds trust among customers. This automation solution allows business users to make smarter decisions and target their customers at the right time with the right message.


Enterprises face storage-related challenges while expanding their businesses. Salesforce's Hyperforce enables simple and effective use of the public cloud, helping companies expand swiftly and meet their local data storage requirements. It also reduces the distance between end-users and data centres, simplifying data storage and meeting business compliance requirements.

Flow Orchestrator:

Salesforce's Flow Orchestrator is a tool that automates business operations to avoid miscalculations, lost income, decreased customer satisfaction, and unnecessary delays. It installs seamlessly and simplifies business operations with just a few clicks. In simple words, a company can run multiple series of tasks simultaneously with the help of orchestration.

Salesforce Einstein:

Salesforce has leveraged Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to develop Einstein Salesforce, which perceives and analyzes data as humans do. It provides a great customer experience by allowing organizations to study customer behaviour more accurately, and make more informed decisions. The demand for Einstein Analytics is increasing with each passing year as it opens new arenas for greater customer experience.

Salesforce Blockchain:

The integration of Salesforce and blockchain technology has offered people a trusted platform where data exchange becomes super convenient. Business users can store their sensitive data without worrying about security-related concerns. It helps organizations gain customer trust and earn more revenue.

Final Words:

Businesses must stay updated with the latest Salesforce trends to improve customer engagement and drive business growth. We at CloudCache Consulting have highlighted some of the top trends expected to dominate in the upcoming years, including data and system integration, Hyperforce, Salesforce Flow Orchestrator, Salesforce Einstein, and Salesforce Blockchain. 

By implementing these innovative solutions, businesses can enhance their operations, automate processes, and deliver personalized experiences to their customers. It is recommended to consult with a Salesforce consulting company like us to better understand these trends and select the best solution for your business needs. Embracing these trends can help your business achieve success in a competitive market.

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