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Ultimate guide on why to choose Salesforce for Nonprofits

Salesforce, a pioneer crm leverages solutions for several enterprises and businesses worldwide. Its solutions aid companies in escalating their growth , their performance , their revenue and in achieving their goals.

Salesforce mission is to empower Nonprofits through their revolutionary solutions at affordable prices. Currently this CRM platform serves  a gigantic  family of 1,50,000 customers globally. These numbers are not only of the commercial businesses but nonprofits get values from here as well. This CRM platform isn’t only for mid to large sized companies; its exclusive products are accessible and employed by non-profit organisations too.

Salesforce for Nonprofits is a solution  that facilitates these organisations to increase their global impact and digital reach. Salesforce , as an integrated platform, enables these charitable businesses to increase their influence from any location globally. 

What is salesforce nonprofit crm solution

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud software is a digital platform created for nonprofit entities  to have more global footprints , strengthen their connections with the public , and broaden their digital reach . It helps them to classify their internal operations by managing records of the people they work with, and eliminating organisational silos between the teams in charge of fundraising, marketing,programme management, and technology. It provides businesses and nonprofit organisations a dashboard with a single view of their current operations and activities.

This CRM software offers a broad range of solution modules for nonprofits,including:

  • Marketing & Engagement
  • Team tracking
  • Fundraising
  • connecting clients to the program
  • Program Management
  • pre-built reports and dashboards.
  • identifying high-level trends

How popular is Salesforce among nonprofits 

According to salesforce.org, 76% of nonprofits feel that  Salesforce makes their jobs easier overall, improves communication, assists them in raising more money, boosts staff productivity, offers better services and programmes  and strengthens their communities relationship.

40,000+ nonprofits, fundraising organisations and educational institutions are currently utilising Salesforce to a significant extent in order to gain a 360-degree perspective of their organisation, raise more money, and take each constituent on a unique journey from onboarding through impact.

Benefits of using Salesforce for Nonprofits

Customizable Dashboard

The ability to customise the Salesforce dashboard  is one of the main benefits for charitable organisations. fundraisers can tailor the functionality of the nonprofit cloud software to suit their  operational needs. 

Although most organisations operate under the same prototype, some can have particular needs and diverse purposes. Here, Salesforce dashboard customisation comes in handy for them because it assists them in altering the default  functionalities and features  to attain their particular goals.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Every organisation loves to experience a drastic boost in their operational efficiency.Salesforce nonprofit CRM  facilitates you to achieve this by developing the strong communication channels between nonprofit organisations' staff and their partners. 

Improved communication and collaboration result in increased operational efficiency, which ultimately aids in meeting the specified objectives by the deadlines.

Keeps Nonprofits Better Organized

The main advantage of Salesforce for Nonprofits is the reduction in complexities  and more actionable tech initiatives. How? Nonprofit organisations can design and build personalised workspaces for each participant using the drag and drop functionalities and built in modules  of the Salesforce cloud.

Managing activities like fundraising, workforces or grants  is typically tedious work. Here, Salesforce takes care of this hectic work for nonprofits with very ease.

Assists in Better Marketing Strategy:

Seamless and smooth communication medium is possible with Salesforce's marketing tool. In order to attract donors and volunteers, the non-profit organisation will be helped  with pre-built customisable email templates and messages.  


Salesforce's cost is one of the most significant benefits for fundraisers. Currently, Salesforce NPSP supports 40,000+ nonprofit organisations globally. Salesforce's "The Power of Us Program" offers affordable priced packages and services to assist NGOs.

Immense Support:

Salesforce has a large pool of active users, so you'll never feel left alone or isolated if you face problems sometimes with any of its features,dashboards, capabilities, or with layouts. You will always get assisted by professionals and expert users who will guide you through to get solutions.

Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP):

Salesforce nonprofit success pack is revolutionary to nonprofits. It merges standard data with AI technologies and creates better experience for digital donar.It helps you in making better balance between soliciting funds and volunteers. The NPSP provides improved channels for communication between users and contributors worldwide.

Final words:

When you are in charge of a non-profit organisation, you directly affect the people you are trying to help. As a result, a good place to start is selecting a piece of software that has been demonstrated to produce trustworthy outcomes. You can successfully complete your fundraising plans with Salesforce for Nonprofits. Salesforce makes it possible for charities to build relationships, spread their message, and achieve their charitable objectives.

Salesforce makes it possible for NGOs to collect data from constituents and store it in a database in the most engaging way possible. Non-profit organisations can stay in touch with their constituents in a straightforward and streamlined manner with Salesforce CRM. It strengthens donor, volunteer, staff, and beneficiary relationships. The non-profit's data can be reviewed or verified by donors at any time, and they can grant money from anywhere. Salesforce can assist nonprofits in achieving their goals and raising the standard of the services they provide.

We assist non-profits with our skilled Salesforce professional resources to streamline their operations and achieve their mission. Choose the best option for your nonprofit. Contact Cloudcache Consulting right away to learn about the best practices in the industry. For in-depth Salesforce solutions and consultations, get in touch with us today. 

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