What is Salesforce Security Health Check

Similar to how humans require regular health checkups to maintain their well-being, it is equally essential to inspect your Salesforce instance routinely. Ensuring the robust health of your Salesforce org is vital for maintaining the coherence of your business operations and staying current with industry standards.

Utilizing the Salesforce Security Health Check tool is highly recommended to guarantee the optimal condition of your Salesforce instance.

What is a security health check?

The Security Health Check is a valuable tool designed to comprehensively evaluate your Salesforce instance, explicitly focusing on the effectiveness of various security settings. By scanning critical configurations that safeguard your org, it identifies potential risks and promptly notifies you of any concerns.

For Salesforce administrators tasked with maintaining and enhancing the well-being of the Salesforce org, the Security Health Check holds significant importance. Through this tool, administrators can become aware of vulnerabilities and collaborate with their teams to address and eliminate them.

How does a security health check work?

The Security Health Check can be easily accessed by searching for "Health Check" in the Quick Find Box and selecting the tool. Once launched, the application operates in a simple and user-friendly manner. Upon initiating a scan, it generates a health score for your Salesforce instance, presented as a percentage.

The chosen baseline provides recommended values for different risk levels, such as High, Medium, Low, and Informational Security Settings. Making settings less restrictive than the selected baseline will result in a lower health score. By utilizing the Security Health Check, administrators can ensure their Salesforce instance's security aligns with industry best practices.

How To Calculate The Salesforce Security Health Check?

The Security Health Check score is determined by a proprietary formula that evaluates the effectiveness of your Salesforce security settings compared to the Custom Baseline or Salesforce Baseline Standard. Your score rises when your settings surpass the baseline standards, indicating better security. Conversely, failing to meet the baseline standards results in a lower Health Check score.

The assessment considers four major risk categories for your security settings, providing insights into the risk associated with your current Salesforce org configurations. While High, Medium, and Low risks are straightforward, the Informational category doesn't affect your Health Check score significantly.

Based on your Health Check score, you can grade your security settings as follows:

  • 54% and below: Very Poor
  • 55% to 59%: Poor
  • 70% to 79%: Good
  • 80% to 89%: Very Good
  • 90% to 100%: Excellent

This grading system allows you to gauge the overall security level of your Salesforce instance and take appropriate measures to enhance it further.

Creating a Custom Baseline:

  • Export the Salesforce Baseline Standard through the "Export Baseline" option in the Baseline Controls Menu.
  • Edit the exported XML file using a text editor to customize the scoring pattern for risk categories. Remember that High-Risk settings carry more weight in the Security Health Check score than other categories. Moving a setting to the Informational category excludes it from the Health Check score calculation.
  • Save the modified XML file and import it by clicking "Import Baseline" in the Baseline Controls Menu, opening a dialog box.
  • Name your custom baseline in the dialog box, allowing spaces and some special characters.
  • Provide a unique API name for the baseline, avoiding spaces or special characters.
  • Optionally, set the custom baseline as the default for your Salesforce org's health checks.
  • Verify the successful upload by selecting your custom baseline from the dropdown menu. If set as default, it will be displayed after importing.

By completing these steps, you create a custom baseline, enabling a more tailored evaluation of your Salesforce org's security.

Final words:

Though the process may seem highly technical, its meaning remains straightforward. It entails selecting specific Salesforce security settings and comparing them against default Salesforce standards or your personalized standards. The Security Health Check score provides valuable insights into the overall security status, ensuring proactive maintenance and adherence to industry best practices.

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