Data Migration from Apptivo to Salesforce

About The Company:

Our client is a growing B2B company operating in the Middle East and Africa. With years of commercial and technical experience, our client provides raw, semi-raw, and speciality materials for various applications in Hygiene, Medical, Flexible Packaging, and Specialty Nonwovens. They offer full-service solutions and a broad range of nonwovens to meet their client's needs in a timely and consistent manner, while also being committed to developing innovative solutions to meet the constantly changing global trends.

Customer Challenges:

Our client had been using Apptivo CRM for years, but the lack of customization and email syncing issues had become a major roadblock for their sales team.

Major issues for them were :

Email syncing issues: Apptivo was not properly syncing emails, which made it difficult for the client's sales team to stay on top of customer communications.

Limited customization: Apptivo's customization options were limited, which prevented them from tailoring the CRM to their specific needs.

Data migration: Our client needed to transfer all of their data of leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, and emails to Salesforce without losing any important information.


After evaluating various options, we decided to migrate their data and functionality to Salesforce. The Salesforce Sales Cloud offered the necessary flexibility and customization they needed to address their business requirements.

Except this, we also offered the below solutions

Migrating to Salesforce: We migrated their data to Salesforce, which offers more advanced email syncing capabilities and extensive customization options.

Using Dataloader.io: We used Dataloader.io, a cloud-based data migration tool, to move all of the client's data to Salesforce without any data loss or corruption.

Customization: We worked with clients to customize Salesforce to their specific needs, including creating custom fields and workflows.

Additionally, Salesforce's email integration features enabled clients to manage all their sales communication in one platform.


The migration process was successful, and the client was able to seamlessly transition to Salesforce without any disruptions to their business operations.

They now have

Improved email syncing: Salesforce's email syncing capabilities allowed the client's sales team to better manage customer communications and stay up-to-date on important information.

Greater customization: Salesforce's advanced customization options allowed the client to tailor their CRM to their specific needs and workflows.

Centralized data: After migration, data is now centralized, and accessible to all locations without any issues or data loss.

Technologies and Tools Used:

Salesforce, Apptivo, Dataloader.io

Why Choose CloudCache Consulting for Salesforce Implementation?

CloudCache Consulting successfully helped a mid-sized company overcome its CRM challenges by migrating its data and functionality from Apptivo to Salesforce. Our team utilized Dataloader.io to ensure seamless data migration and worked closely with clients to customize Salesforce for their specific needs, resulting in improved email syncing and greater customization options.

We are proud to have helped them achieve greater efficiency and productivity through the use of Salesforce, and we look forward to continuing to provide top-notch CRM solutions to our clients in the future with our Salesforce Professional Resources.

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