Enhancing Call Quality Monitoring with Zoho CRM integration for a Global Medical Insurance Company

About The Company:

Our client is a leading medical insurance company serving individuals and businesses worldwide. With a commitment to excellence in customer service, they rely heavily on phone interactions for sales and support.

Customer Challenges:

The client needed help in managing their sales and support call operations efficiently. Including:

  • Volume of Calls: The company's agents handle hundreds of calls daily, leading to challenges in maintaining detailed call records amidst busy schedules.
  • Administrative Burden: Agents need more time for administrative tasks like logging call data within their Zoho CRM system.
  • Quality Monitoring: The client seeks to monitor and assess the quality of sales and support calls, including individual agent performance and customer satisfaction feedback.


We implemented a comprehensive solution leveraging Zoho CRM and integrating telephony capabilities to address these challenges. Key features included custom modules, workflow rules, telephony integration, email integration, and reports functionality.

The following solutions were deployed

  • Integrated System: We integrated the client's Zoho CRM with telephony, allowing agents to make calls directly from the CRM application and automatically storing call details.
  • Automated Surveys: A survey was configured to automatically email clients after each call, gathering feedback and enriching the call data within the CRM.
  • Access Control: Permissions were set up to ensure only administrators and managers could access call records and generate comprehensive reports.

The integration steps we took were

To integrate Zoho Voice with the client’s Zoho application, first locate Zoho Voice in the Telephony marketplace within  Zoho  CRM. Enable PhoneBridge integration for Zoho Voice. Log in to Zoho Voice and select the desired Zoho app on the Telephony setup page. Import their agents into Zoho Voice and configure calls for them. We're ready to start making and receiving calls directly from your Zoho applications using Zoho Voice as your telephony provider.


By integrating telephony with Zoho CRM, agents could make calls directly from the application, streamlining call logging and eliminating manual data entry. Results were:

  • Streamlined Operations: Agents can now make calls and maintain detailed records seamlessly within Zoho CRM, reducing administrative burdens and enhancing productivity.
  • Improved Performance Monitoring: Sales managers have access to comprehensive reports, facilitating a more straightforward assessment of agent performance and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:  The client can steadily refine its sales agents' communication strategies by leveraging customer feedback metrics, improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Technology and Tools Used:

Zoho CRM, Zoho Voice, Zoho MarketPlace

Key Improvement Stats:

Reduction in Administrative Burden: Agents now spend 15% less time on manual data entry tasks.

Increased Efficiency: Sales managers report a 20% improvement in accessing and analyzing call data.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Client satisfaction scores have increased by 18% since implementing the integrated call monitoring system.

Final Words:

By implementing an integrated solution within Zoho CRM, our client has successfully overcome challenges related to call quality monitoring and administrative burdens. The seamless integration of telephony and access controls has enhanced operational efficiency and significantly contributed to improving customer satisfaction.

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