HubSpot To Salesforce Migration for An Edu Company

About The Company:

Our client is a leading global association serving over 150,000 risk professionals in 190 countries. Focused on financial institutions and regulators, they offer education, certification, and information.

Customer Challenges:

With their current CRM HubSpot, they were facing several challenges:

Inadequate System: The client was using HubSpot as its primary system, but it failed to meet the evolving needs of its growing customer base. The limitations of HubSpot were hindering its ability to effectively cater to its vast membership base spread across 190 countries.

Marketing Strategy Enhancement: The company recognized the need to improve the effectiveness of its marketing strategy. They aimed to streamline their marketing and membership communication processes to deliver personalized experiences to their members, thereby increasing engagement and value.

Inefficient Marketing and Communication Processes: The client needed a way for its Marketing and Membership teams to update website content and send personalized email communications independently. However, the current system's limitations required constant IT and Marketing team involvement, leading to delays in campaigns and responses to member queries.


Facing challenges with HubSpot CRM’s limitations and a need to enhance marketing effectiveness, they sought solutions, empowering their teams and optimizing member experiences.

To achieve this, we decided to do HubSpot to Salesforce Migration.

HubSpot to Salesforce Migration: The migration process involved transitioning the client's data and processes from HubSpot to Salesforce CRM.

  • We added subsets of data in Salesforce in batches for standard objects through the Import option. Custom fields were introduced in Salesforce, and incremental updates were performed in small batches, triggering historical records for migration.
  • For custom objects, the team faced limitations and required custom solutions. We successfully created the best-fitting solution, facilitating a smooth migration process for the custom objects.
  • Our team diligently developed custom automated workflows to achieve bi-directional syncing between systems. These workflows ensured seamless data flow and synchronization. We used the REST API for this purpose.


This migration delivered wonderful results for our client.

Enhanced Customer Experience: The migration to Salesforce allowed the client to provide its vast membership base with a more personalized and seamless experience. Members received targeted and relevant communications, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction.

Streamlined Marketing Processes: With Marketing and Membership teams empowered to manage content and communication independently, the client's marketing processes became more agile and efficient. This led to quicker campaign execution and the ability to respond promptly to market trends and member needs.

Improved Data Management: Salesforce offered robust data management capabilities, enabling the client to gain deeper insights into member behaviour, preferences, and engagement patterns. This data-driven approach allowed the organization to make informed decisions and fine-tune its marketing strategies.

Technology and Tools Used:

Hubspot, salesforce, REST API.


The successful migration from HubSpot to Salesforce brought about significant improvements for the client. Their collaboration with CloudCache Consulting proved pivotal in accomplishing their complex business objectives within the defined timeline. Our past work experience in Upwork and our rich Salesforce professional resources help them to choose and believe in us. You, too, can see our record on Fiverr. Contact us today.

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