Monday.com and Dropbox Integration for a Biotechnology Company

About The Company:

Our client operates in the biotechnology industry, serving both individual customers (patients) and institutional clients (medical offices) daily. They approached us for assistance in organizing tasks and projects within teams, and streamlining communication with individuals and institutions.

Customer Challenges:

The challenges faced by the client were multifaceted. They needed to establish processes, which led to chaos in  task and project management. Real-time updates during customer service interactions were crucial but only possible to achieve with automated systems. The client also struggled with collaboration and file sharing, hindering efficient communication and data exchange.

  • Organizational Chaos:  The client needed to establish processes and work on organizing tasks and projects effectively.
  • Real-time Updates: They needed a solution that provided real-time status updates during customer service interactions.
  • Automation Needs: Automation and digitization of patient registration, team processes, and notifications were essential.
  • Collaboration and File Sharing: The client faced challenges in collaborating and sharing files efficiently.


We implemented a comprehensive solution to address these challenges. We integrated Monday.com to streamline task management, improve communication, and automate processes. Additionally, we integrated Dropbox to solve collaboration and file-sharing challenges, ensuring smooth data exchange and  accessibility for the teams.

Solutions were:

  • Monday.com Integration: We integrated Monday.com to streamline task management, improve communication, and automate processes.
  • Dropbox Integration: Integration with Dropbox solved the collaboration and file-sharing challenges, ensuring smooth data exchange.

For Dropbox integration with Monday.com, we logged into the Monday.com marketplace. From here,  we downloaded Dropbox, and after authentication, we logged into Dropbox inside the Monday.com dashboard. After successful integration, we  customized it. We created some fields, set up triggers, and did field mapping as per our client’s requirement. This is how Monday.com and Dropbox’s integrated solution was made ready for use and workflow automation for clients.


The results of this integration were remarkable. Monday.com facilitated efficient communication , allowing for clear task division and internal collaboration. Automation benefits, including automated notifications and streamlined processes, reduced manual work significantly, enhancing overall efficiency. The integration also centralized information, tracking patient qualification status and team responsibilities in one platform.

  • Efficient Communication: Monday.com facilitated efficient internal communication and task division within teams.
  • Automation Benefits: Automation of notifications and processes reduces manual work, improving efficiency.
  • Streamlined Processes: The integrated system streamlined patient registration and qualification, reducing the customer journey and minimizing errors.
  • Centralized Information: All essential information, including patient qualification status and team responsibilities, is now centralized in one platform, reducing confusion and duplication of work.

Technology and Tools Used:

monday.com, dropbox, monday.com marketplace, APIs

Final Words: 

The Monday.com and Dropbox integration has significantly improved our client's operations, providing efficient communication, streamlined processes, and centralized information management. This case demonstrates the power of integrating modern tools to effectively meet complex business needs.
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