Monday.com Integration with SharePoint for a Manufacturing Company

About The Company:

Our client is a leading manufacturing organization in the construction tools and equipment industry, operating globally. They needed a robust management solution to streamline processes and improve team collaboration.

Customer Challenges:

The client challenges included time consuming and error-prone manual data entry processes .They also needed more real-time visibility into event planning, which led to delays and miscommunication. Tracking tasks and deadlines was challenging, impacting event execution efficiency.

The client encountered several challenges within their management processes:

  • Non-automated data entry tasks were less efficient, tedious, and time-consuming.
  • Real-time visibility into event planning needed to be improved, leading to delays and miscommunication.
  • Tracking tasks and deadlines took a lot of work, impacting the efficiency of event execution.
  • The absence of 360-degree feedback and visually appealing activity dashboards in SharePoint hindered comprehensive planning and management.
  • Cumbersome file sharing in SharePoint added complexity to data sharing and collaboration efforts.


We implemented a comprehensive solution combining Monday.com and SharePoint integration to address these challenges. We utilized SharePoint as a centralized repository for event data, ensuring data integrity, accessibility, and organization. Simultaneously, we leveraged Monday.com's intuitive interface for efficient event planning, task tracking, and deadline management.

Integration steps were:

For integration login to your sharepoint account and in dashboard click on scenario then you want to go to top right and click create a new scenario click plus here and then ‘ SharePoint’ and here we're going to have the watch items triggers when an item is created or modified so in the moment when you're going to have some account here something is going to happen in SharePoint then we can simply click plus here and another module which is going to be Monday click Monday and create a board or item so create item and then what you have to do is to connect it with your monday.com account.

To do that we needed to go to monday.com bottom left to find the API key then click on archive admin and on the security you can have Api key and then you will just like copy it and then you would just like paste everything and then when you're gonna have the item name which is going to be item id board in which board you want to have it group ID and then you can have RI of column values and then press OK and this is how Monday.com is integrated with sharepoint.


The integration of SharePoint and Monday.com brought significantly improved to our client's processes. It reduced manual data entry, increasing data accuracy and time savings. Real-time visibility into event planning processes enabled proactive decision-making and coordination.

The integration of SharePoint and Monday.com yielded significant improvements:

  • Reduced manual data entry, leading to increased data accuracy and time savings.
  • Real-time visibility into event planning processes, enabling proactive decision-making and coordination.
  • Enhanced accountability, ensuring tasks and deadlines were met promptly.
  • Access to event data from any device, promoting seamless collaboration and reducing the risk of miscommunication.
  • Visual representation of the event planning process on Monday.com improved team coordination and task prioritization, contributing to successful event execution.

Technology and Tools Used:

monday.com, sharepoint, monday.com marketplace, APIs

Final Words:

CloudCache Consulting’s strategic use of SharePoint and Monday.com significantly enhanced our client's management processes,  increasing efficiency, effectiveness, and collaboration. This comprehensive solution provided a centralized data hub, real-time insights, improved accountability, and successful event outcomes, delivering tangible benefits for the organization and its stakeholders.

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