Pipedrive Implementation for a Storage Container Provider Company

About The Company: 

Our client is a UK-based company founded in 2002. Originally a container storage depot in Weston-super-Mare, the company has expanded into The Space Program, specializing in container self-storage and Team Refrigeration, offering refrigerated container and trailer hire services.

Customer Challenges:

Their team faced significant challenges with their previous CRM system, including managing excess features, inefficiencies in data entry, poor lead tracking, inadequate reporting, and operational inefficiencies in their sales workflow. These limitations led to wasted time, lost opportunities, and ineffective resource utilization.

Operational inefficiencies in the sales workflow resulted in wasted time and lost opportunities for the company. 


To address these challenges, the client engaged with us, an official partner of Pipedrive, for a CRM solution. The objective was to streamline their processes and enhance efficiency. We established the data upload connections, set up automation triggers and campaigns, and instructed regular and timely catch-ups, ensuring a smooth migration. Pipedrive was chosen for its user-friendly interface, better communication capabilities, and email integration.


Following the Pipedrive implementation, The client experienced remarkable improvements in various aspects of their business. Their sales conversion rate improved from one in 2.7 to one in 2.3, which was attributed to both marketing efforts and the new CRM system. This improvement contributed to an 18% year-over-year revenue growth and a 34% increase in net profit in the last financial year.

  • After implementing Pipedrive, They experienced a 15% growth in conversion rate and a 20% time savings in inquiry management.
  • The company saw a remarkable improvement in sales conversion rate from one in 2.7 to one in 2.3, contributing to a 34% increase in net profit.

Pipedrive's automation features eliminated the need for manual spreadsheet tracking, reducing the time spent by the sales team on inquiry management by 20%. The lead routing system automatically added leads to the pipeline, further enhancing productivity.

Technology and Tools Used:


Key Stats

15% Growth in conversion rate
20% Time savings
34% Net profit increase

Final Words:

Our Client’s journey with Pipedrive exemplifies the transformative impact of implementing an efficient CRM system. By addressing their challenges and embracing a solution tailored to their needs, the company not only improved operational efficiency but also achieved significant growth in revenue and profitability. This case study underscores the importance of investing in the right tools and partnerships to drive success in today's competitive business landscape. CloudCache Consulting is a trusted name in providing PipeDrive Consulting services. You can read our client’s reviews on Upwork. Contact us today.

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