RingCentral and Zoho CRM Integration for a European Tours & Travel Company

About The Company: 

Our client, based in Dublin, specializes in European Incoming and Ground Operators, with their flagship brand,Follow The Camino, leading in providing holidays along the route of St. James (Camino de Santiago’s pilgrimage). They offer a diverse range of tours and activities across Europe, including coach tours, walking and cycling tours, horse riding, sailing, and family holidays, along with accommodation options spanning traditional to luxury hotels and rural guest houses.

Customer Challenges:

With expansion of business, the company faced several operational challenges, including:

  • Disjointed Data Management: Maintaining a centralized repository of customer information was a significant challenge, leading to communication inefficiencies and hindered personalized service delivery.
  • Lead Management: The company struggled with organizing and analyzing leads effectively, lacking a system to track leads month-wise and identify emerging travel trends.
  • Limited Marketing Impact: Marketing strategies lacked accuracy and personalization, impacting customer acquisition and retention efforts.
  • Inefficient Meeting Scheduling: Coordinating departure briefings and pre-departure meetings consumed time and were prone to errors.


We assessed their problems and their in house CRM systems and then we suggested the solutions below.

  • Integration of RingCentral with Zoho CRM: By integrating RingCentral communication features with Zoho CRM, the company enhanced customer support and engagement. Direct calling from CRM, access to call history, and detailed call records streamlined communication and improved response times.
  • Utilization of Zoho Analytics: Customized dashboards created with Zoho Analytics offered real-time visualizations of lead comparison, conversion rates, and traveller statistics month-wise. This enabled the company to identify peak travel seasons, popular destinations, and emerging travel trends.
  • Adoption of Zoho Campaign, Social, and Chatbot: These tools facilitated personalized and targeted interactions, enhancing customer engagement and conversion rates. Zoho Social enabled the company to share event details on various social media platforms, increasing engagement rates.

To integrate RingCentral with Zoho CRM, we begin by logging into Zoho CRM account. Navigated to Setup > Marketplace > All, and searched for RingCentral. Then clicked on the installation option. After the installation process, a prompt appeared asking to log into your RingCentral account. Here If you are the administrator managing this connection, proceed with signing in. Otherwise, skip this step, as individual users will need to log in to their RingCentral accounts to complete the connection later.

Once RingCentral is installed in Zoho account, each user will need to log into their RingCentral account within Zoho CRM. This can be accomplished from the user's CRM homepage by clicking on the Phone icon located in the bottom right corner. After completing any additional required customizations, now RingCentral is fully integrated with Zoho CRM.

This integration resulted in drastic changes in business efficiency. Some good results were as below:

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: This integration with  Zoho solutions led to personalized and targeted interactions, increasing customer engagement and conversion rates.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Zoho Analytics provided valuable insights into lead comparison, traveller statistics, and repeat leads, empowering data-driven decision-making and focused marketing efforts.
  • Efficient Feedback Collection: The Chatbot-integrated survey Monkey form facilitated efficient feedback collection, enabling prompt addressing of concerns and service enhancements.

Technology and Tools Used:

 Zoho CRM, RingCentral, Zoho Analytics

Final Words:

By leveraging the suite of Zoho solutions and the expertise of CloudCache Consulting, the European Tours & Travel company successfully overcame its operational challenges and achieved significant improvements in customer engagement, data-driven decision-making, customer support, feedback collection, and financial management. These enhancements have positioned the company for continued growth and success in the international market.

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