Sales Cloud Implementation for an IT company

About The Company:

The client was a reputed IT Company that provides a wide range of apps for the medical industry. The client has been using the Salesforce Sales Cloud to manage its customer relationship management (CRM) system. However, the company has been experiencing some issues with the Sales Cloud that was impacting its overall sales performance. 

This case study will explore the problems that the client was facing with Sales Cloud, and recommend solutions to improve the company's sales performance.

Customer Challenges:

Sales representatives have been facing difficulties in managing their leads and opportunities in the Sales Cloud. the client wanted to have its current erroneous Salesforce Sales Cloud instance fixed, and have a solution for its impeded sales process.

Major noted issues were : 

  • The client’s current Sales Cloud instance was not coordinating with their business needs, there was a requirement to transition to a newer version of Salesforce Sales Cloud.
  • The sales process was hindered as the automated updates to the Opportunity fields were not functioning correctly at specific Opportunity stages.
  • Data meant for sales managers and C-suite was exposed to reps, violating Customer policies due to the lack of object and field-level security.


CloudCache Consulting worked with the client to replace the Professional edition of Salesforce Sales Cloud with new updates that now reflect sales data properly. 

Except this we : 

  • Offered a solution, configured using point-and-click tools that allow customization without the need for coding.
  • Utilized the Lighting Flows to replace the defective updates with new ones that accurately reflected the Customer's sales details.
  • To enable complete reporting, two custom report types for Account and Opportunity objects were created using Salesforce's default reporting functionality.
  • User profiles and permission sets were executed using Salesforce's default functionality to restrict sales reps' access to sensitive information about the Customer's clients.


After executing these solutions, the client now has a fully operating Sales Cloud instance, fit for purpose. 

Now client :

  • has their customized Salesforce Sales Cloud solution to meet their specific business requirements.
  • Automation of Opportunity fields now updates information on the status of Opportunities.
  • Custom report types enabled the Customer to create precise reports showing the state of Accounts and Opportunities, enhancing decision-making and sales planning.
  • Role Based user access to CRM info was streamlined with User profiles and permission sets enablement.

Technologies and Tools Used:

Salesforce Sales Cloud (Professional Edition), Profiles, and Permission Sets.Lighting Flows, Salesforce Reports.

Why CloudCache Consulting is best for Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation

CloudCache Consulting resolved that particular issue successfully and enabled the client to replace its faulty Salesforce Sales Cloud instance with a fully functioning solution that met their specific business needs. The new Salesforce Sales Cloud instance provided accurate sales data, enhanced reporting capabilities, and user access management, leading to an improvement in the sales process. The client is now better equipped to make informed decisions, leading to better sales planning and business growth.



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