Salesforce and EagleView Integration for a Construction Company

About The Company:

Our client is a medium-sized USA-based construction company specializing in commercial and residential projects. They have established a reputable position in the industry with a track record of delivering high-quality work.

Customer Challenges:

The client faced challenges in managing sales processes efficiently and providing accurate quotes to potential customers, often leading to delayed responses and missed opportunities.

Some significant challenges were:

Manual Data Gathering: The client’s sales team heavily relied on manual methods to collect property information and measurements, resulting in time-consuming processes and increased chances of errors.

Cost: Without a proper measuring system, incurring costs became an issue, leading to a loss in profit and concern among sales representatives.

Limited Customer Insights: The lack of comprehensive property data and aerial imagery hindered the sales team from providing personalized recommendations and accurate quotes to potential customers.


We thoroughly assessed the client's problem and decided to do Salesforce and EagleView integration. The whole process is followed in the below steps.

Eagleview Integration: We integrated their existing Salesforce CRM system with EagleView's property data and aerial imagery solutions to streamline their sales processes. Using API we established a connection bridge between EagleView and Salesforce databases. This API bridge allows seamless communication between Salesforce and EagleView's database.

Customization: Our team customized Salesforce to accommodate the incoming data from EagleView, creating custom fields and objects for efficient data organization and doing required field mapping.

User Training: Sales representatives and relevant staff received comprehensive user training to familiarize themselves with the integrated system and leverage its features effectively by us.


This integration resulted in positive outcomes for the client including:

Streamlined Sales Processes: The integration of Salesforce and EagleView enabled sales representatives to access property details, measurements, and aerial imagery in real-time. This streamlined lead management, lead qualification, and quoting processes, reducing manual efforts and time wastage.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: With access to accurate property data and imagery, the sales team could provide personalized recommendations and accurate quotes to potential customers. This improved customer engagement, trust, and satisfaction.

Reduced Cost and Improved Data Accuracy: The integration ensured consistent and up-to-date property data, reducing the risk of errors and duplicate records. As a result, the company's analytics and reporting became more reliable, supporting data-driven decision-making. It also helped in cost-cutting.

Technology and Tools Used:

Salesforce, EagleView, APIs.


The successful integration of Salesforce and EagleView proved transformative for our client. The company significantly improved sales efficiency, customer engagement, and data accuracy by addressing its customer challenges with innovative solutions. The integration provided by CloudCache Consulting turned out to be a game changer for them.

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