Salesforce And SharePoint Integration For A Telecom Company

About The Company:

Our client was a telecom company. They were facing several challenges with their legacy system, and to stay competitive in the market, they were looking for a transformation in their system to be sustainable in ever-changing times.

Customer Challenges:

The Customer utilized Salesforce Sales Cloud for sales activities and SharePoint Online for document management and content sharing. However, the use of two separate systems led to hindered document management workflows. Additionally, communication with clients and prospects could have been more efficient because sales and marketing specialists could not directly share sales documents and marketing content stored in SharePoint from Salesforce.


We thoroughly investigated the Customer's challenges and gathered detailed technical requirements for the integration application. Then, Salesforce developers created a custom application using the Lightning Component framework, seamlessly integrating Salesforce with SharePoint. The application was incorporated as a distinct section within Salesforce Account, Contact, and Opportunity records.

Key features of the application included:

On-the-fly synchronization with SharePoint Online:

  • Search for SharePoint files directly from Salesforce.
  • Upload files from Salesforce directly into SharePoint.
  • Upload files from Outlook, integrated with Salesforce, into SharePoint.

Single Sign-On (SSO) integration:

  • Enabled user access to Salesforce Sales Cloud and SharePoint Online using a single login credential.
  • Implemented Salesforce SAML settings and Azure AD for seamless authentication.

User-friendly configuration and documentation:

  • Developed an easily configurable application, allowing users to set up their preferred working mode with the integration.
  • Created a comprehensive user guide to provide detailed information on app settings and configuration options.


The implementation of the Salesforce-SharePoint integration yielded significant benefits for the Customer:

Streamlined document management:

  • The application provided a seamless way to manage SharePoint files directly from Salesforce.
  • Users could search, download, preview, and relate SharePoint files to specific Salesforce records.
  • This integration eliminates the need to switch between systems, saving time and effort.

Enhanced communication and collaboration:

  • Sharing necessary files with Salesforce contacts via email improved communication with customers and prospects.
  • Sales and marketing specialists could effortlessly access and share relevant documents, fostering more effective collaboration.

Tools and Technologies used:

Salesforce Sales Cloud, Lightning Component framework, SharePoint Online, OAuth 2.0,


CloudCache Consulting successfully addressed the Customer's challenges by integrating Salesforce Sales Cloud with SharePoint Online. The custom application enabled seamless management of SharePoint files from within Salesforce, improved client communication, and streamlined document workflows. By leveraging the expertise of our professional resources and Salesforce developers, the Customer achieved enhanced efficiency and productivity in their sales and marketing operations. Contact us to know more about our Salesforce implementation services.

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