Salesforce CRM integration for media company

About The Company: 

The customer is a multi-faceted PR and marketing company based in Atlanta that provides PR and reputation management services for clients. It also provides services like website design and development, brand creation, advertising, and social media for decades.

Customer Challenges:

  • When it came to project management, billing information, and customer information, they were using various systems and software.
  • It was time-consuming and prone to human error to manually collect and maintain data from various sources and store it in Salesforce opportunities.
  • They were using a legacy system to scope their client’s services and track the execution/delivery of their campaigns. They found many issues within that system which were not fixable.
  • They were using separate accounting software integrated with QuickBooks, which was difficult to maintain and time taking to update billing or accounting information into salesforce opportunities.


  • We replaced the legacy system which was used to scope their client’s services and track the execution/delivery of their campaigns (MAPs), with the Salesforce customer data & campaign management functionalities by using LWC which ensures high performance and easy maintenance.
  • All of the services were migrated by Cloudcache Consulting to a single platform by integrating different software into Salesforce which was being used for accounting, project management, campaign management, and customer service management to ensure easy maintenance, cost effective and time-saving.
  • Invoicing is made possible by customized integration of Salesforce with QuickBooks which is cost-effective and improves productivity. It also ensures secure financial data.
  • We have integrated the project management tool Aprika with Salesforce.

Technology and Tools Used:

Salesforce CRM, Aprika Mission Control, QuickBooks, Salesforce LWC

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