Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation For An Online Training And Service Providing Company

About The Company: 

Our client is a Canada-based leading sports and fitness training company with a large customer base of athletes. 

They specialize in providing fitness courses, consulting, and workshops designed to enhance fitness training in soccer. They aim to educate and inspire coaches by sharing the latest scientific knowledge on best practices. They offer tailored courses to meet specific needs and purposes, and the webshop sells books on topics such as nutrition and rehabilitation. 

They work on creating a community of coaches passionate about improving the fitness aspect of soccer. Their specialities include individual training, football trainers, soccer coaches, and the renowned fitness expert Jens Bangsbo.

Customer Challenges:

Our client faced challenges managing the athlete's booking sessions, cancellations, and tracking their day-to-day activities. They had a manual process for managing athlete bookings and payments.

Below are the main challenges our client was facing:

  • The need for an integrated system made it difficult for athletes to manage their bookings.
  • Due to the manual process, tracking progress took a lot of work.
  • No Integration of QuickBooks and Stripe with Salesforce was making managing payments and invoices a cumbersome task.
  • No interface for athletes for self-service.
  • The company was losing potential revenue due to the lack of a streamlined system for handling athlete bookings and payments.


We held meetings with the client to understand their requirements and needs thoroughly. Then we implemented Salesforce Experience Cloud along with the integration of Quickbooks online and Stripe, the payment gateway.

Achieved solutions for the client were :

  • Implemented Salesforce Experience Cloud portal where athletes can manage their bookings, view assessment reports, and track their day-to-day activities.
  • Did Custom integration of  QuickBooks Online with Salesforce to generate orders and invoices from Salesforce once the payment is received for a booking. 
  • We created a Stripe payment gateway into the Salesforce experience cloud portal so that Athletes can pay directly via credit card from the experience cloud portal.
  • Created custom objects and fields to ensure the system effectively managed bookings, reports, and day-to-day activities.


Implementing Salesforce Experience Cloud and integrating with QuickBooks and Stripe has resulted in a self-service system for our client.

The benefits of this implementation to our client were:

  • It makes it easy for athletes to manage their bookings, assessments, and payments. 
  • The streamlined process has increased revenue for clients, as more athletes can now make payments and manage their bookings easily.
  • Implementing Salesforce Experience Cloud and integrating QuickBooks and Stripe has eliminated the manual process and email system.
  • Athletes can now track their daily activities and buy fitness packages through the portal.
  • The system is now self-service, allowing athletes to manage everything independently.

Technologies and Tools Used:

Salesforce Experience Cloud, QuickBooks, Stripe

Why is CloudCache Consulting best for Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation?

The implementation of Salesforce Experience Cloud, along with the integration with QuickBooks and Stripe, has been a big help for our client, resulting in increased revenue for the company. The result was a significant improvement over the previous manual and email-based processes.

CloudCache Consulting was the best choice for clients when implementing the Salesforce Experience Cloud. We provide comprehensive solutions and a seamless experience for clients with our AppExchange resources. Get in touch with us today.

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