Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation For A Health Care Firm

About The Company:

Our client is a thriving healthcare organization renowned for delivering top-notch medical services in the United States. With a commitment to providing exceptional patient care, they have established a reputation for excellence in the healthcare industry.

Customer Challenges:

The client faced several challenges in managing their healthcare services effectively.

Some of them were:

Comprehensive Information Management: The client struggled to keep track of essential information regarding patients, healthcare providers, payers, and medical staff. The lack of a centralized system hindered their ability to provide seamless care and collaborate efficiently.

Coordinated Patient Care: The client aimed to improve coordination between patients, their families, and the medical team to ensure better patient outcomes. However, achieving this level of collaboration was challenging due to disjointed communication channels.

Insurance Information Accessibility: Tracking insurance details related to patients posed a significant challenge. The client needed a streamlined solution to access insurance information promptly, simplifying administrative processes and enhancing billing accuracy.


We implemented Salesforce Health Cloud, a robust and tailored solution for the healthcare industry to address the client's challenges and streamline their healthcare operations.

The following steps were taken in the implementation process:

First, we logged into our Salesforce.org. Then activated the 'Contacts to Multiple Accounts' option to enable shared contacts, a prerequisite for Health Cloud installation. Next, we install the Health Cloud package by retrieving the URL from the contract's Terms and Conditions section, accessing it via browser, and installing it as an admin. Initiated organization setup by establishing  ‘My Domain’, extended it to users, and allocated key responsibilities and roles in the system administrator profile. Confirmed our status as a Service Cloud User for Health Cloud Console access. Configure profiles, permission sets, and roles in the next step, managing various Health Cloud users. The next step was tailoring the Health Cloud console components and attributes to the client’s requirements. Lastly, we migrated patient data, customizing instance creation settings for precise control over mapping in their Salesforce org.

Further, we integrated insurance-related modules into the system, enabling swift access to insurance details. This integration simplified administrative tasks, reduced billing errors, and ensured accurate claims processing.


The implementation of Salesforce Health Cloud brought about transformative outcomes for our client:

  • Efficient Data Management: The centralized system led to improved data accuracy and accessibility, enhancing decision-making across the organization.
  • Enhanced Patient Engagement: The collaborative platform fostered better patient engagement and adherence to treatment, resulting in improved patient outcomes.
  • Simplified Insurance Processes: Swift access to insurance information reduced administrative complexities, leading to fewer billing errors and expedited claims processing.

Technology and Tools Used:

Salesforce health cloud, Sand Box, APIs

Final Words:

The successful implementation of Salesforce Health Cloud revolutionized our client's healthcare organization. By addressing challenges related to information management, patient collaboration, and insurance tracking, CloudCache Consulting significantly enhanced its operational efficiency and patient care quality. This case exemplifies the positive impact of our salesforce professional resources and tailored technology solutions on the healthcare industry's ongoing pursuit of excellence. Check our past work on Fiverr. Contact us today.

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