Salesforce Integration With Blackthorn For A Software Company

About The Company:

Our client was a software company dealing with various customers daily.

Customer Challenges:

The client was facing the following challenges in their current system.

  • Data Imports/Exports:  manually importing and exporting registrant and attendee data before and after events led to increased administrative effort and potential data inconsistencies.
  • Link Sharing: Traditional event management tools often need help to prevent link sharing, allowing unauthorized individuals to access event content without registering or paying.
  • Manual Tracking: With automated data updates, tracking event attendance and generating accurate reports becomes more efficient and prone to errors.
  • Unified Payment Gateway: the client needed a payment system supporting all universal modes of payment.


We assessed situations and integrated Blackthorn with Salesforce using REST API and managed packages. Blackthorn Events managed package addresses these challenges by integrating event management directly into Salesforce, offering a seamless end-to-end solution. The key features of Blackthorn Events alleviate the pain points experienced with other event management systems.

To resolve payment-related issues, we integrated Blackthorn payments, which brought Stripe and authorization.net to Salesforce.
For this, we installed the app using Blackthorn Payments managed package, then accessed the Blackthorn Payments Setup Wizard and connected to Stripe. Here the primary payment gateway is automatically created, and account activation requires some necessary information. We Granted access for seamless integration, then set configuration preferences, assigned permission sets, and configured object relationships. Finally, we initiated the paylink authentication process and activated the paylink account via the authentication link.


By implementing Blackthorn Events in Salesforce, clients benefit from the following:

  • Streamlined Event Setup: Creating and managing events becomes efficient as all relevant event details are neatly organized within a single record space in Salesforce. An automated URL generator simplifies event creation and redirects users to the event created from the record.
  • Aggregated Event Listings: Blackthorn Events provides aggregated lists of forthcoming events, complete with search support and filters, enabling users to quickly locate and manage events within Salesforce.
  • PCI Compliance: Blackthorn Events ensures the security of checkout details and payment methods, providing a PCI-compliant environment for handling financial transactions.

Technology and Tools Used:

Salesforce, Blackthorn (events and payments ), REST API, Blackthorn (events & payments ) managed package, Stripe.


Blackthorn Events revolutionizes event management within Salesforce by offering a comprehensive solution that integrates planning, registration, execution, and reporting seamlessly. With CloudCache Consulting's rich professional resources, user-friendly features, and elimination of data imports/exports, organizations can focus on delivering exceptional events while leveraging the power of Salesforce to drive success. See our client's review on Fiverr

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