Salesforce Map Implementation for a Telecom Company

About The Company:

Our client is a major provider of integrated, mobile, and fixed communication and entertainment services to businesses and consumers. They are one of the world's largest telecommunication companies.

Customer Challenges:

Due to a large field team of sales representatives, the client faced challenges in maximizing field productivity and managing territories effectively throughout the organization.

The client faced many challenges with their existing system:

Field Productivity and Efficiency: The client's sales representatives spent valuable time searching for data, locating their visits, and performing administrative tasks manually. This manual process took time and hindered their ability to focus on sales activities.

Large Territory Management: With growing field reps, managing territories and distributing leads or account assignments became increasingly complex and time-consuming.

Salesforce Adoption: Sales reps needed help to use Salesforce effectively in the field. The fast-paced nature of their door-to-door sales model made it difficult for them to access the information they needed quickly and efficiently. This resulted in low Salesforce adoption rates and missed opportunities.


To address these challenges, we decided to implement Salesforce Map for the client, a solution that leverages mapping capabilities to enhance field productivity, territory management, and overall Salesforce adoption.

The key solutions implemented were:

Addressing field productivity: We installed the Salesforce Maps managed package in one sandbox and one production environment to tackle the client's field productivity issues. We then configured the Maps managed package and set up field sets such as Click2Create, Check In/Out, and Data/ArcGIS Layer Click2Create. Additionally, we created Maps layers including Marker, Shape, Data, and ArcGIS using REST api. To monitor user adoption, we configured a Salesforce Report called "Salesforce Maps user adoption" and created custom fields required for the use-case(s).

Territory management challenge: To address the territory management challenge, we first installed and configured Salesforce Maps using the managed package and a sandbox environment. We created data sets and report types, followed by the creation of territory alignments. To ensure effective territory management, we conducted Territory Alignment Training and Geo Unit Upload Training. Finally, we optimized and trained the territory alignment and published it for use.

Enhancing user proficiency: To familiarize sales reps with Salesforce Maps, we conducted user training sessions. These sessions focused on various aspects, including Maps layer creation, Routes, Schedule, and Mobile guidance. We also provided training on Territory Alignment and Shape Layer visualization & Auto-Assignment configuration to empower sales reps with the necessary skills to make the most of Salesforce Maps.


The implementation of Salesforce Map brought significant improvements to the client's field operations and Salesforce adoption:

Enhanced Field Productivity: Sales reps no longer waste time searching for information or performing manual administrative tasks. The mobile access to Salesforce data allowed them to focus more on sales activities, resulting in increased productivity.

Streamlined Territory Management: The map-based interface enabled large batch reassignment of leads and accounts based on geographic location. This improved lead distribution efficiency and ensured that reps were promptly assigned leads within their designated territories.

Improved Salesforce Adoption: With Salesforce Map, sales reps found it easier to register visits, update outcomes, and identify new leads within the Salesforce environment. Automating administrative tasks removed barriers to adoption, leading to increased usage and data accuracy.

Technology and tools used:

Salesforce maps, managed package, sandbox, REST API


The implementation of Salesforce Map proved to be a game-changer for our client. The streamlined processes, mobile access to data, and simplified user experience empowered sales reps to make the most of their time in the field, resulting in increased sales revenue and customer satisfaction. With Salesforce Map, our client successfully leveraged the power of Salesforce and mapping capabilities to drive business growth and stay ahead in a competitive market.  On the off chance that you are looking forward towards our past undertaking work, you can visit our upwork profile. 

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