Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation for Nonprofits

About The Company:

Our client is a nonprofit organization that works to improve the life of society. The organization has an extensive database of donors, volunteers, etc.

Customer Challenges:

The client needed help managing its marketing campaigns effectively. The nonprofit organization faced several challenges with its legacy marketing system, Mailchimp.

These challenges included:

  • Lack of data hygiene: Mailchimp did not store data correctly, which led to inaccurate and incomplete donor records.
  • Challenges managing donor marketing preferences and opt-ins: It was not easy to keep track of donor marketing preferences and opt-ins in Mailchimp.
  • Customers' ISPs were categorizing emails as spam, resulting in their blocking and consequently causing a significantly low delivery rate. Mailchimp's reputation with ISPs was poor, which resulted in a high number of emails being blocked as spam.
  • There needed to be a unified view of various types of donors. The organization had many different types of donors, but getting a single view of all donors in Mailchimp was not easy.


After assessing everything, we suggested them to implement the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to address the challenges it faced with Mailchimp.

Our proposed solutions include the following:

  • Data hygiene: Salesforce Marketing Cloud has several features that can help nonprofits clean up their data and ensure it is accurate and complete.
  • Donor marketing preferences and opt-ins: Salesforce Marketing Cloud makes it easy for nonprofits to track donor marketing preferences and opt-ins.
  • Email deliverability: Salesforce Marketing Cloud has a good reputation with ISPs, which helps to ensure that emails sent from Salesforce Marketing Cloud are not blocked as spam.
  • A single view of donors: Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides a single view of all donors, regardless of how they have interacted with the organization.


Since implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the nonprofit organization has seen many positive results, including:

  • Improved data hygiene: The organization has been able to clean up its data and ensure that it is accurate and complete. This has made it easier to segment donors and target them with relevant marketing messages.
  • Increased donor engagement: The organization has seen an increase in donor engagement since implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This is because donors are now more likely to receive the emails they want improving their satisfaction with the organization.
  • Improved email deliverability: The organization has improved its email deliverability since implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  • Increased donations: The organization has seen increased donations since implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Technology and tools used:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Mailchimp


The nonprofit organization has been very pleased with the service of CloudCache Consulting. The organization has seen improvements in data hygiene, donor engagement, email deliverability, and donations. The organization is confident that our professional resources and Salesforce Marketing Cloud will continue to help it achieve its marketing goals. Suppose you are also considering implementing the Salesforce marketing cloud. Contact us today.

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