Salesforce Sales Cloud and Google Analytics Integration for a Tech Company

About The Company:

Our client is a prominent software and technology company specializing in SaaS solutions. The company's core focus is providing innovative tools and services to streamline business operations, enhance customer experiences, and optimize growth strategies. As a leader in their industry, the client operates in a competitive landscape where data-driven decision-making is pivotal for success.

Customer Challenges:

The client's website is crucial in generating new leads, with users signing up for free trials and demos to engage with the product offerings. Google Analytics offered valuable insights into the effectiveness of marketing efforts and content in driving lead creation. However, the client faced challenges in harnessing the full potential of their data. They sought to integrate the advanced features and segmentation capabilities of Google Analytics 360 (GA360) with their Salesforce Sales Cloud to comprehensively understand their customer journey, from lead inception to closed deals.


We addressed the challenges faced by the client. Collaborating closely with the client's development team, Salesforce team, operations teams, and legal team, We designed and executed a strategic plan to leverage the capabilities of both Salesforce and GA360, ensuring a seamless integration that maximized the value of customer data.

The steps involved were :

  • Creating New Salesforce Fields: To facilitate the integration, we worked alongside the client's development team to create new Salesforce fields. For this, we utilized SOAP API. These fields were tailored to accommodate the specific data points required to establish a coherent connection between GA360 and Salesforce Sales Cloud.
  • Passing GA Client ID to Salesforce: We meticulously designed another solution – passing the GA Client ID to Salesforce through a hidden form field. This mechanism ensured that crucial customer data flowed seamlessly between platforms, enabling a unified view of customer interactions and behaviours.
  • Integrating GA360 and Salesforce Sales Cloud: We established a robust linkage between GA360 and Salesforce Sales Cloud. This integration enabled aggregated online activity and trends captured in GA360 with real-time Lead and Opportunity information in Salesforce. This holistic view empowered the client to analyze how different online touchpoints contributed to lead conversion and deal closure.
  • Data Validation and Continuous Improvement: A significant part of the project's success lies in the meticulous data validation. Data accuracy was paramount to ensure that the insights drawn from the integration were reliable and actionable. Regular audits and validation checks were conducted to maintain the integrity of the integrated data.


The collaboration between us and the client led to a series of remarkable outcomes:

  • Salesforce and GA360 synchronization occurred every 4 hours, enabling a near-real-time understanding of customer interactions.
  • The client could create segments and audiences for further activation across the Google Marketing Platform by aligning Opportunity Closed Won as a goal conversion.
  • The integrated data allowed the client to dissect online activity, traffic sources, consumed content, and other factors contributing to lead conversion and successful deal closures.
  • Insights from this integration empowered the client to refine marketing strategies, optimize customer engagement, and make informed decisions to enhance overall business performance.

Technology and Tools Used:

Salesforce Sales Cloud, Google Analytics, API.

Final Words:

The successful integration of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Google Analytics 360 represented a significant milestone for the client. By partnering with CloudCache Consulting, the client transformed their approach to data-driven decision-making. This collaboration exemplifies how innovative technology like our Salesforce professional resources can amplify business growth. Check our past work on Fiverr. Contact us today.

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