Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration with Shopify for renewable energy company

About The Company:

Our client was a California-based provider of solar power plants. They strive to offer affordable power backup solutions to every household in the United States. Our client firmly believes in enhancing people's lives—even under dire circumstances. Customers of our client can always remain relaxed and energized thanks to their reasonably priced solar power generators. Our client promotes social, economic, and environmental sustainability between its clients and the next generation.

Customer Challenges:

The client aimed to optimize its sales process and create email alert automation to achieve its mission of improving people's lives, especially during emergencies. The challenge was to establish a single source of truth for all of their data that was kept in one location. Our client wanted to combine Shopify and Salesforce Sales Cloud in order to get through these obstacles and develop a smooth integration that would assist in achieving their company goals.


After a proper analysis of the current CRM system of the client, we came up with the following solutions:

  • To get automation for email alerts to streamline their sales process. We used Salesforce's lightning flows, which is a tool for automating business processes within Sales Cloud.
  • We developed a Web-to-Lead and Email-to-Lead HTML form for lead management in order to store any internet inquiries considered leads.
  • For e-signatures on certain forms they had, we linked SDocs with Salesforce. With the aid of SDocs, consumers using Salesforce may quickly and simply sign any relevant forms inside their emails. 
  • We did custom integration of Shopify Salesforce to manage their orders, inventories, and purchase orders. Our client can now easily access Shopify data in Salesforce after this integration.


After implementing these solutions, the client is happy, and their CRM is functioning seamlessly.

The results we got are:

  • By integrating Sales Cloud with Shopify, the Client is able to access all its data, including orders, customer information, and inventory, stored in a single system. This integration ensured that all data was accurate and up-to-date, enabling the company to have a single source of truth for all its sales-related information.
  • Now the client is able to make informed business decisions based on real-time data.
  • The lightning flow allows the client to create a series of email alerts triggered by specific events, such as a new order or a change in order status. The email alerts provided customers with real-time updates on their orders, ensuring that they were kept informed throughout the sales process.
  • By integrating Salesforce Sales Cloud with Shopify, the client was able to streamline its sales process and have a single source of truth for all its data.
  • The successful implementation of this solution helped our client to achieve its business objectives and continue to offer affordable power backup solutions to every household in the United States.

Technologies and Tools Used:

Salesforce Sales Cloud, Shopify, Lighting Flows, Salesforce Reports, SDocs

Why CloudCache Consulting is Best For Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration with Shopify?

CloudCache Consulting effectively fixed all business problems, allowing the client to streamline their business processes and meet their unique business requirements. The new Salesforce Sales Cloud instance improved the sales process by providing precise sales data, improved reporting features, email automation, and user access management. Now the client can make a more informed decision and achieve business growth with ease using our cost-effective solutions and Professinal Resources such as user training and 24/7 support.


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