Salesforce to HubSpot migration for a marketing company

About The Company:

Our client is a marketing advisory company based in San Diego, USA. They specialize in providing innovative financial solutions and advisory services to clients across diverse sectors, including banking, investment management, and insurance.

Customer Challenges:

Our client faced several challenges that necessitated a strategic solution:

  • Alignment Across Departments: The client's sales, marketing, and customer onboarding teams operated in silos, leading to inefficiencies and disjointed processes.
  • Tool Integration Complexity: Integrating their sales and marketing tools posed a significant challenge due to the complexity of their existing systems and the need for seamless collaboration.
  • Data Fragmentation: A centralized system for product data could have helped the marketing, sales, and revenue teams' ability to access and leverage actionable insights effectively.

These challenges highlighted the critical need for a comprehensive solution that could streamline operations, improve collaboration, and centralize data for informed decision-making across departments.


To address these challenges, we embarked on a comprehensive approach:

  • Tech Stack Revamp: We analyzed and revamped their tech stack to align with their operational goals and selected HubSpot Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Sales Cloud as the core platforms.
  • Migration Plan: We developed a meticulous migration plan to ensure a smooth transition of all data from Salesforce to HubSpot while preserving data integrity. Leveraging native integration capabilities, we seamlessly move data from Salesforce to HubSpot without custom code, ensuring a streamlined process.
  • Mapping and Testing: We mapped all records, focusing on active users, and conducted thorough testing in both sandbox and production environments to validate data sync and accuracy.


The implementation of HubSpot Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Sales Cloud migration yielded remarkable results:

  • Improved Efficiency: The company experienced significant efficiency improvements across sales, marketing, and revenue teams.
  • Centralized Analytics: Analytics became centralized, providing clear insights into operations and performance.
  • Enhanced Lead Management: Better lead management facilitated by detailed marketing data access for the sales team, enabling effective lead prioritization and follow-ups.
  • Streamlined Processes: Automated follow-ups and optimized marketing channels streamlined workflows, directly impacting revenue growth and operational effectiveness.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: The transformation not only enhanced internal workflows but also improved the overall customer experience, setting a new benchmark for digital operations excellence.

Technology and tools used:

Salesforce, Hubspot

Final Words:

The successful migration of HubSpot Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Sales Cloud has empowered our client to achieve unified sales, marketing, and customer onboarding operations. By leveraging a more integrated approach to business, they have unlocked new levels of efficiency, data accessibility, and customer satisfaction, positioning themselves as leaders in the financial advisory sector.

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