Salesforce's Sales Cloud and ERP System Integration for a Manufacturing Company

About The Company:

Our client is a manufacturing company that specializes in building high-quality textiles and materials, including coated fabrics, wallcovering, wall tiles, outdoor solutions, and acoustic solutions for use in commercial and residential spaces.

They have been dealing with the manufacturing industry for over 10 years, and over time they have expanded their footprints and gained wide appreciation for their service quality and material innovation.

With a growing number of clients and orders, the company found it challenging to manage its operations with its legacy ERP system.

Customer Challenge:

The client's legacy ERP system had flaws that made it ineffective and prevented them from attaining smooth departmental communication.

They had been struggling with inefficiencies in their sales and manufacturing processes. Their system was unable to provide real-time updates, and the user interface was complex, making it difficult to manage orders, clients, and pricing.

Additionally, their team found it challenging to extract data from their ERP system to create customized reports, making it difficult to make more precise and informed decisions.

The sales team was using disparate tools to manage their customer relationships, which resulted in incomplete and inconsistent data.

Another challenge we faced was a requirement for user training for the Client's sales team on how to use Salesforce's Sales Cloud effectively.


After evaluating the integration requirements, we created a roadmap for this integration project.

Our team recommended integrating Salesforce's Sales Cloud with their legacy ERP system using the SOAP API. (The SOAP API is a web-based protocol that allows different systems to communicate with each other and exchange data in real-time). By using the SOAP API, the team was able to seamlessly connect Salesforce's Sales Cloud with Client's Legacy ERP system, ensuring that data was updated in real-time and both systems were always in sync.

Our integration process involved mapping their existing data and processes to Salesforce's Sales Cloud. This enabled them to manage all their operations in one location, streamline their sales processes, and improve their overall efficiency.

To address the user training issue, we developed customized training materials that were tailored to our client’s specific needs.


The integration of Salesforce Sales Cloud with the client's legacy ERP system yielded significant results. 

They now have a centralized location to manage all their operations, which has significantly reduced the time taken to process orders, manage clients, and invoicing.

The system now provides greater visibility into their sales pipeline and real-time updates on orders and pricing, enabling the team to make data-driven decisions.

The integration allowed our client to create custom reports and dashboards that provide insights into their business performance.

Now they are able to improve data accuracy and provide better visibility into their sales pipeline.

The integration with their ERP system eliminated manual data entry and reduced the risk of errors, resulting in a more efficient and effective sales process.

Technologies and Tools Used:

Salesforce Sales Cloud, SOAP API, ERP System.


Our collaboration with the client to integrate Salesforce Sales Cloud with their legacy ERP system was a success. By using the SOAP API, CloudCache Consulting was able to seamlessly connect the two systems and provide the tools the client needed to streamline its operations and improve its sales process. 

The customized training provided to the sales team ensured they were equipped with the necessary skills to leverage Salesforce's Sales Cloud effectively, resulting in increased productivity and improved data accuracy.

The client’s successful collaboration with CloudCache Consulting is an excellent example of how manufacturing companies can improve their operations and achieve their business goals with our Salesforce Professional Resources and Sales Cloud Integration Services.

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