Streamlining Salesforce Integration with GridBuddy for a Finance Company

About The Company:

Our client is a leading provider of financial services in the USA. Their aim is continuous expansion and broadening customer base.

Customer Challenges:

With expanding the customer base, they started facing a few challenges with salesforce. Customer service agents, sales representatives, and project managers often encountered difficulties efficiently updating and managing data within Salesforce. The default interface required multiple clicks and page loads, decreasing productivity and increasing frustration.


We assessed these challenges and decided to integrate Gridbuddy for the client. To seamlessly integrate GridBuddy into their Salesforce environment for this.

First, we install the GridBuddy app managed package directly from the Salesforce AppExchange. Once installed, grant access to the application. We ensure that users or profiles requiring access to GridBuddy are granted the necessary permissions. After assigning licenses to users, ensure that they have the appropriate credentials for utilizing GridBuddy. Then, after doing a few custom settings, GridBuddy was integrated with Salesforce. Then, we made the GridBuddy application visible within the Salesforce interface. Lastly, we set up Grid Wizard admins to customize and optimize the GridBuddy experience.

Following these sequential steps ensures a smooth and efficient integration of GridBuddy into the Salesforce ecosystem.


  • Boosted Productivity and Operational Capabilities

The integration of GridBuddy into Salesforce customization services significantly increased Salesforce adoption among their clients. GridBuddy's spreadsheet-like views allowed for more precise and informative interactions with data, facilitating the creation of reliable, data-driven strategies.

  • Easy Data Management

GridBuddy Salesforce offers a range of features for easy data management. Users could configure grids for any process or user, perform mass actions across multiple records simultaneously, and create and edit records online. This streamlined approach saved time by eliminating unnecessary clicks and page loads.

  • Accelerated Salesforce Productivity

GridBuddy seamlessly integrates with various Salesforce components, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce Communities, Lightning, and Salesforce Connect. This versatility allowed the client to accelerate productivity within their teams, providing instant access to relevant information and promoting end-user adoption through customized user experiences.

Technology and Tools Used:

Salesforce, Gridbuddy, Managed Package

Final Words:

By leveraging Our affordable Salesforce pricing solution, client empowered their customers with a more efficient and user-friendly data management system. The collaboration resulted in improved data accuracy, updated insights, and a reduction in time-consuming tasks. The successful  implementation of GridBuddy showcased the potential for enhancing Salesforce usability and overall operational capabilities, further establishing CloudCache Consulting as a leader in Salesforce customization services.

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