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Best Salesforce Development Tools in 2024 to Boost Productivity

Salesforce is one of the most powerful customer relationship management (CRM) tools , known for its ability to boost sales, increase conversion rates, and enhance data accuracy. Beyond its CRM capabilities, Salesforce is instrumental in making the workforce more productive. 

This blog will explore some of the best Salesforce development tools in 2024 that can significantly enhance your team's productivity.

Productivity Hurdles

One of the biggest challenges to increasing productivity is the amount of time employees spend on routine tasks such as updating data, syncing emails, and scheduling. True productivity isn't just about completing tasks quickly; it's about optimizing time and working efficiently. Even if your workforce is already productive, there's always room for improvement, and this is where Salesforce tools come into play. Salesforce offers over 300 tools designed to enhance efficiency and productivity. When integrated with Salesforce, these tools can positively impact your employees' productivity and efficiency.

Salesforce Integration Tools for Sales Teams

Sales reps often spend a significant portion of their time on non-core tasks. Automating administrative and data organization tasks through Salesforce integration can help cut down that time, allowing sales teams to focus more on their primary responsibilities.

  • Sales Funnel by InsightSquared

Sales Funnel by InsightSquared is a free app that helps managers visualize the entire sales funnel, track the progress of sales reps, and see conversion rates at each stage. This visualization can make it easier to identify areas where further training may be needed. The stages can be customized to fit the organization’s specific requirements, and the app automatically imports data from Salesforce.

  • SMS-Magic

Engaging with potential leads is crucial for sales, but managing conversations across different platforms can take time and effort. SMS-Magic solves this problem by consolidating all communications into a single inbox, whether through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, or other channels. Bots can be set up for automated conversations and communication-based marketing campaigns, enhancing engagement without increasing the workload.

  • Adobe Sign

Administrative tasks can take up a significant portion of a sales rep’s time. Adobe Sign automates the paperwork process, allowing users to create, sign, send, and file agreements directly from Salesforce. This e-signature process is fully automated, streamlining the entire process and shortening the sales cycle. Documents are populated using Salesforce data, and client information is automatically filed in Salesforce after agreements are signed.

Salesforce Integration Tools for Customer Service Teams

Customer satisfaction is a key performance indicator (KPI) for most organizations. The following Salesforce integration tools help reduce response times and enhance customer experiences.

  • Progress of Case Status

Waiting for issue resolution can be frustrating for customers. The Progress of Case Status app from Salesforce Labs tracks how long a ticket has been at each stage of the support process, providing visibility into where any ticket might be stuck. This helps teams improve their workflows and reduce the time spent finding solutions for customers.

  • Whatfix

Whatfix is an excellent tool for training customer service teams to use Salesforce effectively. It guides employees through various aspects of the platform, ensuring they understand how to use it to its full potential. Whatfix includes guides on responding to customer queries from emails or social media and provides alerts on new upgrades and features to keep the team updated.

  • Social25

Social25 helps with customer engagement on preferred social channels. It consolidates messages from Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Kik, and other platforms into the Salesforce interface, eliminating the need to switch between different windows. This tool enhances instant engagement with customers, with chatbots available to manage interactions.

Salesforce Tools for Email

Email remains a prominent form of communication within departments. Salesforce email integration tools facilitate easy scheduling, updates, and customer communication management by syncing inboxes and calendars.

  • Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight connects Outlook, Gmail, and Office 365 emails and calendars to Salesforce, enabling easy tracking of email leads and responses. It allows data inputs into Salesforce without needing to switch platforms. Appointments booked via email are automatically added to the calendar, saving time and reducing manual entry errors.

  • Groove

Groove is another great time-saving application that syncs Salesforce with Gmail or Office 365. It updates Salesforce entries from emails and calendars automatically, allowing users to view Salesforce data from within their email or calendar interfaces. Data reporting and updates via Groove are quicker and more accurate, making it a popular choice among top companies like Google.

Salesforce Integration Tools to Boost Team Productivity 

Some Salesforce integration tools are designed to enhance productivity across various teams, not just specific ones.

  • Youreka

Youreka is a Salesforce-native application that allows access to surveys, forms, and checklists without an internet connection, ideal for field teams. It includes templates for quick form creation, and forms can be linked to fields within Salesforce, ensuring accurate data updates. Teams can create Salesforce reports and store data after fieldwork is complete.

  • Conga Composer

Conga Composer saves time by automating the creation of standardized documents like contracts, quotes, work orders, proposals, and invoices. It populates these documents with data from Salesforce, reducing clerical errors and ensuring consistency.

  • Asana

Asana enhances collaboration across departments, preventing data silos. Sales teams can track the status of Salesforce projects and request help from other departments using Asana tasks. The integration allows tasks to be created, assigned, and reviewed within Salesforce, enhancing overall productivity.

Other Useful Salesforce Integration Tools

  • Dataloader.io

Dataloader.io is a freely available tool for quick import, export, and deletion of large amounts of data. It maps fields automatically to those in Salesforce, ensuring accuracy and saving time. Data can be moved to and from sources like Dropbox and Box, and the tool allows for scheduling to enable automatic data updates.

  • Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi is a scalable integration platform suitable for larger or rapidly growing organizations. It integrates Salesforce with various other systems, supporting Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Netsuite, and more. Dell Boomi leverages cloud technology to support complex architectures and systems.

  • Quip

Quip is a productivity software suite that allows users to create and edit documents and spreadsheets collaboratively. It offers word processing and spreadsheet functionalities and includes a live-updating history of edits and standalone chat rooms. Quip facilitates collaboration with features like highlighting document portions and adding comments.

  • Clearbit

Clearbit enriches prospect data within Salesforce, adding contact, social, and company information with minimal effort. It integrates seamlessly with Drift, Slack, and Gmail, providing insights into customer profiles and trimming lead-form sizes.

  • HelloSign

HelloSign is an e-signature solution that enhances pipeline data accuracy and streamlines proposal and contract creation. It integrates smoothly with Salesforce, making it easy for sales teams to update opportunity stages through automated notifications.

  • AppExchange

AppExchange is the leading cloud marketplace with over 4,000 solutions to extend Salesforce functionality across multiple industries and categories. It offers pre-built and customizable apps, components, flow, lighting, and bolt data solutions. Our certified Salesforce consultants are ready to help you with Salesforce implementations and integrations.


These are some of the best Salesforce development tools available in 2024 that can significantly boost team productivity. Whether you're part of a large organization or a small business, there's a tool tailored to your needs. By leveraging these tools, you can streamline workflows, reduce administrative tasks, and enhance overall efficiency, allowing your team to focus on what they do best. Assistance from an experienced company like CloudCache Consulting can really save time and money. So you should consult with a consulting firm. You can read our happy clients' reviews on Upwork as well.

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