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Features of Salesforce Page Designer Plus Phase II A Comprehensive Guide

In recent years, technology has grown at a leap and bound speed. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is very crucial in keeping up with the latest upgrades. The Page Designer Plus Phase II is one of Salesforce Commerce Cloud elements.

The introduction of Page Designer Plus Phase II Dependencies brings exciting new possibilities for merchants to enhance the look and functionality of their online stores. These plugins, available for free as a LINK AppExchange Cartridge, build upon existing Page Designer components without disrupting existing pages.

Some of its key components are listed below:

  • Image Banner Component
  • Text with Image Component
  • Tabs Component
  • Collapsible Component
  • Slider CSS
  • Promo Campaign Banner Component
  • Parallax Banner

Let's explore the key components driving this revolutionary update.

Image Banner Component: Text with Image Component:

The Image Banner component is for simplifying meaning and doing visual enhancement. It allows merchants to add banner-style text with custom background images across multiple Page Designer pages. No more recreating HTML pages from scratch - this component enables seamless reuse with customizable styling, layouts, and background textures.

Key Features:

  • Reusable HTML Markup for multiple pages.
  • Customizable styling and layout options.
  • Control over text and background colours.
  • Ability to add external and internal links.

Text with Image Component: Effortless Content Integration

The Text with Image component lets merchants seamlessly and professionally integrate content with images. This user-friendly feature saves time and allows for easy customization of layouts, text colours, and content direction.

Key Features:

  • Reusable HTML Markup for multiple pages.
  • Customizable styling and layout options.
  • Control over text and background colours.
  • Horizontal swipe functionality.

Tabs Component: Enhanced Control and Customization

The Tabs Component Designer Plus provides advanced control over data rendering in Salesforce Commerce Cloud Page Designer. It allows seamless data supply to components, addressing previous limitations and customization needs.

Key Features:

  • Advanced data rendering control
  • Inter Component data supply
  • Collapsible Component: Streamlining Content Visibility

The Collapsible Component Designer Plus addresses the absence of a Collapsible component in Salesforce Commerce Cloud Page Designer. Merchants can hide content, reducing webpage complexity and offering a more efficient alternative to within-page links.

Key Features:

  • Improved page appearance by hiding content.
  • Minimized scrolling with collapsible pages.

Slider CSS (Slider without JS): Boosting Page Performance

Enhance page performance with the Page Designer Plus CSS Slider, offering improved speed and functionality without needing custom components. Customize layout, padding/margin, and effortlessly add an unlimited number of slides.

Key Features:

  • Improved page speed and reduced load time.
  • Customizable layout with unlimited slides.

Promo Campaign Banner Component: Centralized Campaign Management

The PDPlusCampaignBanner component empowers merchandisers with a versatile tool for centrally managing promotional campaigns. Design slides, control actions, manage visibility, and customize text effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • Centralized management of promotional campaigns.
  • Customizable heading, subtext, and text colour.
  • Ability to add buttons for links.

Parallax Banner: Adding Aesthetic Depth to Design

The Parallax Banner feature brings depth to web page design by allowing background images to move at different speeds during scrolling. Enhance visual appeal with floating text over fixed background images, creating an engaging user experience.

Key Features:

  • In-depth web designing
  • Various dynamic elements creation ability.


Salesforce Page Designer Plus Phase II offers unparalleled customization and functionality. Businesses can leverage the expertise of CloudCache Consulting for seamless integration and optimization of these powerful components. Companies can stay agile and responsive in the dynamic eCommerce business market with tailored solutions and ongoing support. Adopt these components to boost your online store's user experience and stay ahead in eCommerce innovation.

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