- Salesforce Health Cloud Management System for Health Care Services

What is Salesforce Health Cloud and How it is Beneficial for The Healthcare Industry

Salesforce Health Cloud is a patient relation platform which uses the power  And the security of Cloud technologies along with social and mobile technology for providing A better and personalized engagement for the patients. This is a CRM for the healthcare Organization. Using CRM you can get a complete overview of a patient's condition, medical History of the patient and a connected patient engagement experience. Using CRM, you can manage one patient smartly. By using Salesforce Health Cloud, your staff can access the data of both clinical as well as Nonclinical patients including their health conditions, appointment history, medications, and preferences by using EHR. They can also provide better care by working For every patient. It is a highly secure platform, so you needn’t worry about patient data loss. It allows you to communicate on different devices or channels to improve patient relationships. 

Features of Salesforce Health Cloud

Complete Patient Overview:

This portion includes patient profile creation and management, the health timeline of the patient & patient care team network.

Clinical Data Management:

It works on a data model & enables data integration. Health Cloud has HL7 compliant interface and an individual patient model.

 Care Team Co-operation:

Along with patient empowerment, Salesforce Health Cloud also provides care teams and health businesses with a holistic view of the care world where they can collaborate and monitor Patient data is in a much smarter way. It includes prioritizing the patient page, collaborating with the care team, patient setup configuration, management and care plan customization, patient list, population analytics and lead to patient conversion.

Benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud for The Healthcare Industry


Patient-to-patient Trips:

Medical experts can also provide sufficient attention to each patient by offering Individualized services. Throughout the entire program, a patient can be assisted. To fulfil patient requirements starting from acquisition to discharge companies can be present at each touch point. All actions are centralized in the cloud, and everyone has access to the same data and can operate on the same platform. Patient overview further helps in service efficiency.

Care Plan Setting Could be Made Easier:

It enables you to create simple and customized care plans to address any specific health concern and provide the best possible solutions.

360-degree Patient View:

A 360-degree view of all patients in addition to this single-patient view can be utilized to provide the most effective healthcare services. With just a couple of clicks, you can explore details like medical history, prior treatment appointment history, the current state of health, and medications utilized.

Real-time Interaction:

With the help of Salesforce Health Cloud, patients will be always in touch with healthcare staff. Companies can also obtain real-time healthcare advice for the sake of patients and medical professionals by connecting with the private Salesforce community. This gains the trust and confidence of patients.

Integration With EHR:

Integration of Salesforce Health Cloud with current Electronic Health Records (EHR) offers a centralized view of all tasks & goals connected with various treatment plans. Due to this, medical professionals can also manage health records efficiently.

Customize Patient and Healthcare Provider Experience:

The Salesforce Health Cloud offers individualized patient interactions across many channels including phone and online both at each stage of the patient’s journey. In real-time, this portal can also be used by medical professionals to answer patients’ demands.

Key Takeaways:

Salesforce offers various cloud solutions catering to the needs of businesses belonging to various industry verticals. Salesforce Health Cloud is such a cloud solution. This cloud solution by salesforce offers a variety of features for healthcare service providers. This cloud solution offers smoother uninterrupted communication between healthcare professionals regarding specific patients. Therefore, Salesforce Health Cloud is a gateway for the next healthcare service providers. Cloudcache Consulting is an official salesforce partner which provides services like Salesforce consultation, implementation, integration, and customization.  Contact Us for a free Business analysis. We will be glad to assist you.

Connect devices, services, processes, and patient healthcare data in a completely new way with our Salesforce Professional Resources and transform patient care and healthcare.

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