Salesforce and Drupal Integration for a Travel Booking Company

About The Company:

Our client is a renowned leisure, travel, and tourism company headquartered in Germany. They are specializing in offering travel packages to create memorable and fulfilling holidays for customers.

Customer Challenges:

The company had already established offline stores nationwide and utilized Salesforce to manage customer interactions. However, they lacked an online portal. They faced several challenges due to the absence of an online portal and Drupal Salesforce integration:

Inability to capture online interactions: Clients could not capture customer interactions without an online portal, resulting in missed opportunities and a lack of valuable data.

Limited tracking of marketing campaigns: The company ran various marketing campaigns on platforms like Facebook, email, and Google. However, the results of these campaigns needed to be integrated into Salesforce, hindering their effectiveness and preventing accurate measurement of campaign success.

Lack of website performance optimization: The client was dissatisfied with the loading time of AJAX pop-up forms on their website, requiring optimization for a better user experience.


To address these challenges, we offered a solution to integrate Salesforce and Drupal.

We began the integration process by installing the Salesforce Suite module onto the client's Drupal site using specific commands. To enable data flow between Drupal and Salesforce, we then activated the salesforce_mapping feature through commands. Subsequently, a Salesforce app was created, leveraging OAuth-based JWT for secure connectivity. We enabled the necessary OAuth Settings and set the callback URL as "https://salesforce/oauth callback/yourhostname". After granting the required access, we saved the app configuration.

Moving to the Drupal Admin Dashboard, we accessed the Salesforce Authentication section under Admin > Config. By following the steps provided, we successfully completed the Drupal Salesforce Integration.

Lastly, to ensure seamless data synchronization, we performed field mappings. This involved navigating to Admin > Structure > Salesforce > Mappings (https://yourhostname/admin/structure/salesforce/mappings). Employing the SOAP API, we established a connection that facilitated the linking of Drupal Fields with corresponding Salesforce Fields, simplifying the data synchronization process.


The Salesforce and Drupal integration provided several benefits to the client:

Improved tracking of performance data: The integration enabled clients to track all transactions on the website, capturing crucial information about customer interactions. This data facilitated better performance measurement, customer satisfaction analysis, and more effective management of offerings and marketing campaigns.

Flexibility to create custom rules: With the integrated solution, clients could establish multiple rules for routing customer enquiries. Depending on the specific package of interest, customers were automatically directed to the appropriate call center, ensuring efficient handling of enquiries and a personalized experience.

Reduced costs and effort: By integrating all marketing campaigns into Salesforce through Drupal integration, clients minimized the need for multiple websites and servers. Managing a single server reduced costs and simplified campaign management.

Better management of enquiries: The integration facilitated the integration of JustDial queries and Livechat enquiries with Salesforce. Enquiries from these channels could be tracked both on the website and in Salesforce, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of customer support.

Technology and Tools Used:

Salesforce, Drupal, SOAP api.


The Salesforce and Drupal integration brought significant improvements to our client. By capturing valuable customer data, optimizing website performance, and integrating marketing campaigns. Our Salesforce professional resources helped clients enhance its ability to measure performance, deliver personalized experiences, and make data-driven decisions. The successful implementation of the integration resulted in improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, and, ultimately, a better customer experience for our client’s clientele.see CloudCache Consulting reviews in Upwork.


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