Salesforce and Sharefile Integration for Non-Profit Organization

About The Company: 

Our client is an USA-based Non-profit organization operating in the social sector. Their core mission is to enhance the quality of life for disadvantaged individuals and communities through various social welfare initiatives. The organization has a well-established history of delivering impactful programs and services and has built a strong reputation for its commitment to creating positive social change.

The client's leadership team is committed to continuous improvement and strives to optimize its operations and maximize its impact through effective resource management and strategic planning.

Customer Challenges:

Our non-profit client needed efficient folder management, which was not possible in Salesforce. Additionally, the client needed to save space in Salesforce, as cloud storage is expensive.

The non-profit organization faced several challenges, including:

  • No folder management capability in Salesforce.
  • Ensuring data integrity without compromising performance.
  • High costs associated with storing documents in cloud storage.
  • Have seamless integration of salesforce and sharefile.
  • Making the final solution easy to use, intuitive, and requires minimal user training.


After analyzing all aspects and requirements we delivered a seamless integration solution between Salesforce and Sharefile by using the Sharefile API. We used our Salesforce Professional Resources to deliver solution for this project . This solution allowed them to store the Sharefile folder link in the Salesforce record, thus enabling users to access and manage documents from within the Salesforce interface.

The following were the key highlights of our provided solution:

  • Seamless Integration of Salesforce and Sharefile via sharefile API.
  • To ensure data security, we utilized sharefile's built-in security features.
  • Implementation of a data synchronization mechanism to ensure that the documents' metadata was consistent between Salesforce and Sharefile.
  • Utilization of Folder management capability in Sharefile.
  • Reduced storage costs by utilizing Sharefile's cloud storage.


The integration of Salesforce and Sharefile proved to be a resounding success, enabling our client to manage their documents more effectively while reducing their storage costs.

With the new integration solution, our client enjoyed the following benefits:

  • Improved folder management and organization capabilities
  • Increased storage capacity by utilizing sharefile's cloud storage
  • Reduced costs associated with cloud storage
  • The enhanced user experience by providing easy navigation to the Sharefile link
  • Improved efficiency in document management and sharing

Technologies and Tools Used:

Salesforce Sales Cloud, Sharefile, API

Why CloudCache Consulting is best for Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation?

We did The integration of Salesforce Sharefile and provided a comprehensive solution to the non-profit organization's document management challenges. The integration enabled better folder management, reduced storage costs, and enhanced the user experience.
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