Vonage Integration With Salesforce For Digital Marketing Company

About the Company:

Our client is a leading digital marketing platform that specializes in connecting niche audiences with pharmaceutical and healthcare brands. They provide unmatched access to healthcare experts and consumer audiences through their exclusive collaborations with top medical societies, organisations, and publications.

Our client is committed to providing the best-in-class ad serving and audience targeting capabilities, delivering maximum engagement with their turn-key custom digital solutions. 

Customer Challenges:

The client was facing several challenges, such as difficulty in identifying leads, accounts, and contacts. Their sales team found it challenging to track calls and maintain call logs.

Some other challenges were : 

  • Difficulty in identifying leads, accounts, and contacts during customer interactions.
  • Inefficient call logging and note-taking processes.
  • Inability to track customer interactions and follow-up activities effectively.
  • No ability to log call activities directly in Salesforce
  • The time-consuming process of manually adding call notes in Salesforce


To overcome the above challenges, we suggested the integration of Vonage with Salesforce, which offers a unified communication platform. 

We provided them with the following solutions:

  • Added a utility bar with a phone icon to log in to Vonage and make calls directly from Salesforce.
  • Enabled the sync of leads, accounts, and contacts from Salesforce to Vonage.
  • Logged all inbound and outbound calls as activities under the corresponding Salesforce record.
  • Automated the process of opening the Salesforce record page during customer interactions.
  • Tested the integration with records having the same number and stored the phone number in three different fields to ensure accurate call logging.


The integration of Vonage with Salesforce has significantly improved the client's sales process, as it is now easier to identify leads, accounts, and contacts. 

Now our client has: 

  • Improved sales team productivity and efficiency.
  • Enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Increased accuracy and completeness of customer interaction records.
  • Streamlined call logging and note-taking processes.
  • Improved follow-up activities and tracking.

Technologies and Tools Used:

Salesforce, Vonage (It is a cloud-based communication CTI tool that provides business solutions such as voice, messaging video, and API services.)


The Salesforce integration with Vonage has helped our client streamline their sales process, maintain call logs efficiently, and provide a seamless customer experience. With the implementation of this solution, our client can now track calls and maintain call logs efficiently,  increasing opportunities and building better customer relationships.

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