Einstein GPT Pricing Revealed By Salesforce

As Salesforce makes significant strides in the GenAI space and prepares to roll out 16 capabilities under their AI Cloud roadmap in the coming months, organizations are eager to learn about the pricing structure for Einstein GPT. With parts of Sales GPT, Service GPT, and the Einstein Trust Layer now available, it's the perfect time to understand the costs associated with Einstein GPT for your organization.
In light of Salesforce's recent price increase across their products, we can now see the reasoning behind this decision. Salesforce is committed to delivering cutting-edge innovations in the GenAI domain while remaining competitively priced to some extent. Let's take a closer look at how Einstein GPT pricing is designed based on the information available:

Sales GPT Pricing:

Sales GPT is integrated into Sales Cloud Einstein, and it will offer at a rate of $50 per user per month. Sales Cloud Einstein is included in your package if your organization is already a Salesforce Unlimited edition customer.
With this pricing, users will receive a certain number of Einstein GPT credits (exact quantity yet to be determined). These credits will be utilized for generating outputs based on user prompts. However, it still needs to be confirmed what constitutes one credit. Many large language models (LLMs) rely on tokens to determine the scope of information the model can analyze when producing outputs.

Currently, Sales Emails is the available Sales GPT capability, while Buyer Assistant (Sales Bots) is in the beta testing phase. Expect Sales Assistant and Call Summaries to become generally available in October 2023.

Service GPT Pricing:

Like Sales GPT, Service GPT is integrated into Service Cloud Einstein, and the price will be $50 per user per month. If your organization is a Salesforce Unlimited edition customer, Service Cloud Einstein is already included, along with the corresponding credits.

Like Sales GPT, the specifics of credits in the Service GPT context have yet to be disclosed. Service Replies and Work Summaries are the available Service GPT capabilities, while Knowledge Articles are in the pilot phase. Search Answers and Mobile Work Briefings are also set to enter pilot testing shortly.
Stay tuned with CloudCache Consulting about the evolving pricing and capabilities of Einstein GPT as Salesforce continues to revolutionize the AI landscape with its groundbreaking advancements.